Haunted Bakeries and Creepy Cakes

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Haunted Bakeries and Creepy Cakes

Books for a saccharine scare

Are you looking for a decadent and dark read? Check out these titles for a fun fright!

For Young Readers (1st-3rd Grade)

The Runaway Rice Cake by Ying Chang Compestine

Young children can enjoy this holiday tale which includes a living rice cake who flees from its creators to teach them an important lesson.  Compestine, the author, grew up in China during the Cultural Revolution.

The Bake Shop Ghost by Jacqueline Ogburn 

Can Annie Washington run a bakery that is haunted by its former baker? Find out in this touching story that includes a recipe for chocolate cake.

Maybelle and the Haunted Cupcake by Katie Speck

Everyone's favorite pearl bedecked cockroach is back in a caper with a miniature cupcake that walks across the Peabody's kitchen seemingly on its own. This comical early chapter book is part of a short series and is great for young readers who are reaching for something beyond picture books. 

For Older Children (3rd-6th grade)

Gross-out Cakes: The Kitty Litter Cake and Other Classics by Kathleen Barlow

The budding baker can try their hand at these scary looking, downright disturbing, and wonderfully edible cakes. This book's recipes place a high priority on realism and result in cakes that appear as offputting cow patties, eyeballs, and sewer sludge. Surprise your family and friends--bake them a cake.
Bake Sale by Sarah Varon

While on first glance this graphic novel by the author of Robot Dreams may appear to be a gentle story of a cupcake and eggplant trying to make a bakery financially solvent, a deeper read raises serious questions about the ramifications of anthropomorphic food. Would you feel comfortable making and selling miniature people for consumption?

The Cabinet of Curiosities by Stefan Bachmann et al

This collection of haunting short stories is a collaboration between four authors and includes an entire section themed on Cake. While this book is classified as a children's book, the tales are creepy enough to give any adult or teen a case of the heebie jeebies. 

For Teens and Adults (7th grade and up)

Sweetly by Jackson Pearce

When Gretchen and her brother leave their childhood home and drive to South Carolina, they find a place to stay with Sophia, a young chocolatier. While Gretchen's brother is more than happy to help Sophia, Gretchen can't shake the ominous feeling that both the upcoming chocolate festival and their generous host are somehow tied to a grim and traumatic experience in their past. This suspenseful book comes to a gritty and action packed conclusion. 

Red Velvet Cupcake Murder by Joanne Fluke

Hannah is accused of murder by cupcake in this installment of Fluke's popular Hannah Swensen mystery series. Can she clear her name while figuring out two other unsolved cases and catering for the grand opening of the Albion Hotel? Find out in this perfect beach read. This book also includes recipes scattered throughout and is available in large print, audio, and e-book.