Read it and Eat it!

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Read it and Eat it!

With all the rain we’ve had lately, I keep thinking back to the book, Thunder Cake, by Patricia Polacco.
Patricia Polacco is a real treasure, and has a library worth of books to delight any child! I read Thunder Cake back when I was substitute teaching in a Kindergarten class years ago. The teacher loved to read this story when we had lots of rain, and then would bring in a thunder cake to share with the students! She also copied the recipe for the children to share with their families, and make their own thunder cakes! Thinking of this book has made me hungry for some of my favorite picture books about baking!

Thunder Cake by Patricia Polacco
Inspired by a tale from the author’s own life, this story shares a special moment between grandmother and daughter, as they make the perfect cake for the thundering weather outside! They gather the ingredients from their barn, farm, garden and hurry along with the storm. While they prepare, grandma calms her granddaughter’s worries, telling her “When you see the lightening, start counting… real slow. When you hear the thunder, stop counting. That number is how many miles away the storm is.” I remember my dad teaching me the same thing, and always being comforted that the storm was far away.

Sun Bread by Elisa Kleven
If only we could mix some dough for some sun bread, and you can make try and make your own with a recipe on the back of the book. The sun bread in this book dried and warmed up all the fun loving animals in this book! The rhyming text flows the story along with bright and colorful pictures of animals enjoying the sunny day.

The Bake Shop Ghost by Jacqueline K. Ogburn
When the beloved town baker, Miss Cora Lee Merriweather, dies, she doesn’t want to leave her bakeshop and haunts the new bakers scarring them away from her store. Her plan works until Annie Washington moves in, and sets up a new shop. Cora Lee allows Annie to stay if she can make a cake that will bring her to tears. Over the next few pages, Annie tries every different type of cake she can think of or can research, until finally she wins Cora Lee over. The last page of the book includes a “Ghost-Pleasing Chocolate Cake” for you to try on your own!

Whopper Cake by Karma Wilson
No ordinary cake will do for Grandma’s birthday! We need a whopper of a cake! The cake baking starts to move outside as it gets bigger and bigger, it even needs the pickup bed. The fun pictures and rhyming text have the readers entertained and excited to see what will happen next in this whopper cake! The biggest surprise is for Grandma, as she needs a ladder to blow out her candles! On the last page is the recipe to make your very own Whopper Cake for all your most special events!

The Giant Jam Sandwich by John Vernon Lord
When four million wasps come to town, the townspeople are at a loss about what to do? How can they get rid these pests? The town baker has an idea to make a giant jam sandwich to trap them in! The whole town helped out to make the bread, cook it, slice it and ready the jam sandwich. They spread out butter and strawberry jam and waited for the wasps to come for their feast. When you’re done reading, make your own strawberry jam sandwich (leave out the wasps!).

Jamberry by Bruce Degen
Speaking of jam, you need a good Jamberry! This is another classic from my childhood, but it has lasting power as it encourages young ones to take a musical, berry adventure as two friends collect their ingredients for jam. You will want to dance all the way to the store to pick up some berries and make your own jam. The text is quick, rhyming, and silly- if you can say berry, then you can read along! 

Strega Nona by Tomie dePaola
Wouldn’t it be nice to have a magical pot that could conjure up hot pasta at a moment’s notice? I would love that, and all I need is Strega Nona there to speak her magical words. In this classic retelling, Strega Nona is a happy and loved town witch, but when she goes out of town her assistant, big Anthony decides to make some magic of his own. Things don’t go as planned, and suddenly the town is filled with pasta from a never stopping pasta pot!

Pie in the Sky by Lois Ehlbert and The Apple Pie Tree by Zoe Hall
Both of these picture books explore how trees and fruits get ready for pie season! Pie in the Sky features Ehlbert’s beautiful collage art as a cherry tree comes to fruition. The children and birds wait for the red cherries to be ready for picking and eating. If you follow along, you can make your very own cherry pie with the recipe woven into the story! The Apple Pie Tree shows two children observing their apple tree grow. It depicts how animals and insect use and interact with the tree until finally it is autumn and the apples are ready to picked and used for an apple pie! The book ends with information about how bees help pollenate apple flowers and then how to make an apple pie!

The Little Red Hen Makes A Pizza by Philemon Sturges
This is a twist on the classic tale of The Little Red Hen. In this story, she makes a pizza and tries to get all of her animal friends to help, but no one wants to help out! However, when the pizza is done, everyone wants to help eat it! The story talks of some of the ingredients needed to make the pizza and how to prepare it, and when you’re done reading you may be inspired to make a pizza at home- with the help of your little ones!

The Doorbell Rang by Pat Hutchins
I’ve used this story so many times in story times. It’s a fun tale that has lots of repetition and some basic addition! When mom makes lots of cookies, there are plenty for Victoria and Sam to share. But then the doorbell rang and each time it rings, they have to split the cookies again and again. This is a great book also for teaching how to share, no matter how many people come in, they always divide up the cookies evenly. This book always makes me want to make a big batch of chocolate chip cookies and share them with my friends and family!