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Fly Fishing and Music

I'll admit upfront that my mad teenaged crush on Brad Pitt was the main motivation for seeing the movie A River Runs Through It. Otherwise, absolutely nothing could have convinced me to sit through 2+ hours of fly fishing.  As a budding musician, it had never occurred to me that metronomes had another use.  But who will ever forget the father teaching his sons to fly fish with a metronome in the opening scene?  After discovering that the movie was based on a book, of course I had to read it.  I did not develop a passion for any kind of fishing, but fly fishing is an unusual plot device.  When a copy of the book recently crossed my desk, I began to wonder if there are any other books involving fly fishing.

Norman MacLean's A River Runs Through It is semi-autobiographical.  His father, a minister, homeschools his sons in the classics, religion, and fly fishing.  Norman and his brother Paul have a difficult relationship with each other and with their father.  Norman leaves his small town Montana childhood for Dartmouth and the University of Chicago.  He wrote A River Runs Through It after he retired.

In Time is a River, Mary Alice Monroe  introduces readers to Mia Landon.  After being treated for cancer, Mia retreats to a friend's cabin in the mountains of North Carolina and begins to learn to fly fish.  She discovers the diary of the cabin owner's grandmother, who was a fly fisherman and a journalist.  Mia, curious about a scandal implied in the diary, begins to do some research.  Her search for the truth will help her begin to heal herself.

Holding Lies, by John Larison, introduces Hank Hazleton, a river guide and fly fisherman in the Pacific Northwest.  After a long estrangement, Hank's daughter is about to visit.  Hank is cautiously optimistic, but then becomes a murder suspect in a small town full of old grudges.  Everyone is talking, but not to Hank.  Can he get anyone to talk to him before it's too late?

Meet Deputy Sheriff Ogden Walker, who chases vandals and fly fishes in a sleepy New Mexico town.  Assumption, by Percival Everett, takes readers from Plata, New Mexico to Denver and back while Walker works to solve three murders.  A commune and a fish hatchery lead Walker into stranger and stranger territory.

Gray Ghost Murders revolves around a valuable, stolen fishing fly!  This is the second book in a series by Keith McCafferty featuring private investigator and fly fisherman Sean Stranahan.  This time, Stranahan is trying to connect the stolen fly to two murders.  Like A River Runs Through It, this series is also set in Montana.

Peter Heller introduces Jim Stegner, an artist and fly fisherman, in Painter.  Stegner flees New Mexico for Colorado after a prison sentence for murder and a disintegrated marriage.  After intervening when he comes across a man beating a horse, Stegner finds himself fleeing back to New Mexico.  Can he successfully evade both the police and a band of vigilantes?