Librarians Love Punk Questionnaire with Governess

Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Library - Central Library

Librarians Love Punk Questionnaire with Governess

Learn about the reading habits of local band, Governess, performing in the Library Basement Show with Loud Boyz and Heavy Breathing on Thursday, June 2nd! 

1. What is the one book you would say changed your life after you read it?

Kieca- There’s not been just one, ever. When I was 12, Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn’s Cancer Ward taught me that I wasn’t as smart as I thought I was and that there were a lot of things in life that I had no clue about, yet: a nice lesson in humility. When I was 13, Mervyn Peake’s Gormenghast series solidly linked music and literature for me. When I was in college, Jude the Obscure (Hardy), The Handmaid’s Tale (Atwood), and Wise Blood (O’Connor) permanently fixated me on martyrdom, belief, and the sacrifices people make whether they like want to or not. I still love a good martyr. In my early 20s, Ulysses taught me that even the revered can be clever, silly, and more profane than you’d ever expect. Last but not least, all the Oulipian authors taught me how to work within constraints, which made so much sense to me and was the thing I’d been looking for my whole life... I could read Queneau’s Exercises in Style forever. And you could pretty much read his One Hundred Thousand Billion Sonnets for forever….

Kim - Alias Grace (early 20s) or Second Sex (high school)

2. Name three spots in dc where we might find you reading

Kieca - The bars at Petworth Citizen/Reading Room, languishing on Metro, in my bed.

Kim- My backyard, my car before picking my kids up, my bed.

3. What literary character do you most identify with?

Kieca- On a good day, Ramona Quimby. On a bad day, Hazel Motes.

Kim- Maggie Tulliver

4. How do you envision the public library in fifty years from now, 2065?

Kieca -Oh geez, I have no idea! Part of me thinks it’s going to be some horrible Neal Stephenson scenario where you download media directly to your head and course people hack into the software used and do something awful show you ads constantly while you are trying to read, which will drive you insane. Or, after the collapse of everything we know, we will have no electricity or technology and will be sitting around reading the books we haven’t burned, by candlelight. It will probably be neither of those scenarios, but somewhere in between or something totally different. I’m usually wrong about things. I just hope there are still real, paper books there. I’m as guilty as anyone of reading on my phone but I still have a ton of books, and there are times when you just need…. a real, live book, and a screen won’t do. But libraries still need to be community spaces, no matter what, where people can get help to find the information they need, whether by downloading something or copying information using the end of a burned stick.

Kim- I can't imagine Google won't own it. So it will be all digital, and privatized (unless they revert to their original brand promise of doing "no harm") and you will be able to check out a mini Kindle/iPad/App Thing and install it in or on your frontal lobe, where you will be able to search for books using your thoughts. I suppose you will have to pre-install children's search controls, in your own children's brain, when you check stuff out for them. One can only hope that the upsides of the technology age is that the average American public library will in 2065 be multi-lingual and more representative of writers of all kinds, and that they will still be a free and quiet places to read, think, and reflect.

5. What is currently your favorite place to see live music in dc?

Comet Ping Pong, Black Cat backstage, There are also a lot of great houses putting on shows in this city, lately. 

Did you have a favorite spot that is no longer around? DC Space.

6. What is your favorite band/musician to come out of dc?

Kieca - Mingering Mike. How can you not love everything Mingering Mike has done? Total genius.

Kim - Can't answer. Too many. I really liked De Facto. I love Big Hush right now.

7. Who is one of your all-time favorite authors?

Kieca -Carson McCullers. I’m obsessed with her books and her life.

Kim - John Kennedy Toole