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Funeral Planning for Humans

You and I are mortal.  We are going to die.  And we already know that.  Planning your funeral in advance can save your family and friends considerable time, money and distress.  Here are some resources to help you and your family prepare.

Funeral Planning Basics This helpful book is packed with valuable information and advice. Chapters include Making Final Arrangements, Preparing for the Funeral Service, Choosing a Funeral Service Provider, and The Importance of Estate Planning.  Forms found in the appendix include a Funeral Arrangement Form and a Funeral Cost Planner. 

Smoke Gets In Your Eyes (and Other Lessons from the Crematory) by Caitlin Doughty.  Part industry expose, part memoir, part stand up routine.  After college, the author took a job with a low budget crematory service in San Francisco.  In this book, she recounts some of her memorable experiences from her work and personal lives. 

The American Way of Death Revisited by Jessica Mitford.  The author, well known as a journalist with a dry sense of humor, applies her sardonic wit to the death industry.  Its predecessor, The American Way of Death, served as inspiration for Evelyn Waugh's sarcastic and cautionary masterpiece The Loved One.

The Party of Your Life by Erika Dillman. Memorial occasions don't necessarily have to be sad and morose in nature.  This author advocates custom designing your own life celebration.  Instead of paying significant money to the mortuary, why not spend the money on a memorial wine and cheese reception?  [See my previous Read Feed story for titles offering pairing suggestions!]

Death for Beginners by Karen Jones.  This helpful book offers practical advice on how to deal with all aspects of the death of a friend or relative, including how to select and work with a funeral service provider, how to negotiate prices, and how to plan an appropriate funeral or memorial service.