Market Selects for June 21st

Library Takeout

Market Selects for June 21st

Seasonal, Fresh Titles for Your Consumption

On the third Tuesday of each month, library staff set up shop at the FRESHFARM CityCenterDC Market to sign up new library customers, check out and return materials, and dish about upcoming events and everything the library has to offer.

Farmers market season is upon us and just as local farmers labor their fields with tender, loving, care, I have harvested some seasonally appropriate titles for your reading pleasure. Whether you're looking for new releases and bestsellers* or beach read standbys, here's a sample of our June CityCenterDC Market Selects sure to satisfy your appetite.

New Releases and Bestsellers

The Nest  The four adult Plumb siblings Jack, Bea, Leo, and Melody have been waiting until Melody's fortieth birthday, when they are supposed to receive their inheritance. The nest egg that the dysfunctional siblings are all counting on disappears, however, when an inebriated Leo gets in a major car accident with an underage waitress, and their estranged mother empties the fund to pay off the damages. (Booklist)

Eligible  In Sittenfeld's modern version of Pride and Prejudice, Elizabeth Bennet writes for a women's magazine, Jane Bennet teaches yoga, Lydia and Kitty Bennet are Crossfit enthusiasts on paleo diets, heartthrob Chip Bingley is a reality-TV star, and Fitzwilliam Darcy a neurosurgeon. Approaching 40, and definitely not virgins, Liz and Jane leave their jobs in New York to return to the old family house in Cincinnati after their father suffers a heart attack. (Publisher's Weekly)

Me Before You  Despite her lack of nursing experience, former waitress Louisa Clark lands a job as daytime caretaker for recently paralyzed quadriplegic businessman Will Traynor. Will's wealthy family prays that this cheerful young woman can dispel Will's depression and determination to end his own life. (Library Journal)

The Sleep Revolution  Prompted by a frightening personal experience with exhaustion, Huffington Post founder Huffington synthesizes a vast array of sleep research and provides tips on maximizing sleep time in an increasingly deprived global culture. (Publisher's Weekly)

The Sympathizer  Adept in the merciless art of interrogation, the nameless spy who narrates Nguyen's dark novel knows how to pry answers from the unwilling. Unexpectedly, however, this Vietnamese communist sympathizer finds himself being tortured by the very revolutionary zealots he has helped make victorious in Saigon. (Booklist)

Grit: the Power of Passion and Perserverance  What makes high achievers successful, MacArthur Fellow Duckworth writes, is grit-a "combination of passion and perseverance"-coupled to their raw talent. Talent is important, she acknowledges, but talent multiplied by grit is what builds skill, and skill multiplied by grit equals achievement. (Publisher's Weekly)

*Pro Tip: If you find yourself on a lengthy hold's list for a new release, skip the line and pick up a copy at the market!


Beach Reads

Ink and Bone  Unger returns to the Hollows, New York, a small town that positively vibrates with supernatural activity. Finley Montgomery is its newest inhabitant, moving in with her grandmother Eloise, a well-known psychic who works with the local private investigator. Several children have gone missing in town. In this case, Eloise can't help, but Finley can. (Booklist)

I Almost Forgot About You  After two failed marriages and countless other romantic missteps, Georgia considers herself done with love. A successful optometrist with two beautiful daughters and a San Francisco home she adores, she is not exactly unhappy. But a chance meeting reminds her that she is not altogether happy either, and she decides to leave it all behind and begin all over again.(Booklist)

The Mother  
The unimaginable has happened to Marcia Williams. Her bright and beautiful sixteen-year-old son, Ryan, has been brutally murdered. Consumed by grief and rage, she must bridle her dark feelings and endure something no mother should ever have to experience: she must go to court for the trial of the killer--another teenage boy--accused of taking her son's life. (Publisher's Weekly)

The Vacationers  Straub's second novel is perfect vacation reading, combining a warm-weather locale with complicated family drama. (Library Journal)

The Extraordinary Journey of the Fakir who got Trapped in an Ikea Wardrobe  When the fakir--a professional con artist--arrives in Paris, he has just one goal: to get to Ikea... But his plan goes horribly awry when he hides inside a wardrobe at the iconic Swedish retailer. (Publisher's Weekly)