Yearbook Collection on Display

Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Library - Central Library

Yearbook Collection on Display

Seeking yearbook donations for collection

Did you know that Special Collection’s Washingtoniana Room (3rd floor) houses a small collection of Washington, D.C. high school and college yearbooks? Our goal is to obtain a yearbook from each high school and college/university in Washington, D.C. We would love to obtain yearbooks published far enough to have genealogical value!
But we need your help! In order for us to build our yearbook collection, we are looking for residents to donate yearbooks. If you would like to donate yearbooks, or if you want further information on this project, please contact us at 202-727-1213, send an email (, or just stop by! 

You can view our Yearbook Index online or by visiting the Washingtoniana Room.

Selections from the Yearbook Collection are on display outside of the Washingtoniana Room from June-August 2016.