ICEBERGS -- Adult Summer Reading List

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ICEBERGS -- Adult Summer Reading List

In partnership with the National Building Museum

Through September 5, 2016, the National Building Museum is a one-of-a-kind destination with ICEBERGS, designed by James Corner Field Operations. Representing a beautiful, underwater world of glacial ice fields spanning the Museum’s enormous Great Hall, the immersive installation emphasizes current themes of landscape representation, geometry, and construction. 

Explore these topics and learn more about architecture, climate change, and polar exploration at the National Building Museum and through books! With the help of the National Building Museum, we have compiled several reading lists to get you started.

Books on landscape architecture and other built environment topics:

Taking Measures Across the American Landscape by James Corner
Explore the American landscape with breathtaking aerial photographs and exquisite map-drawings accompanied by thoughtful essays of the many cultures and regions of the country. *nonfiction

Big & Green: Toward Sustainable Architecture in the 21st Century edited by David Gissen
This book examines skyscrapers and ways to make them more environmentally friendly without losing their towering status. *nonfiction

How Buildings Learn: What Happens After They’re Built by Stewart Brand 
Wonderful illustrations on how buildings adapt to the people who occupy them. *nonfiction

Sustainable Urbanism: Urban Design with Nature by Douglas Farr
A powerful case for sustainable urbanism; examining the past, present and hopes for the future. *nonfiction

Books on icebergs, glaciers, climate change and related topics:

A World Without Ice by H.N. Pollack
Rising sea levels, subsequent flooding of low-lying regions worldwide, and the ultimate displacement of millions of coastal residents. These are just a few catastrophic possibilities that can happen in a World. Without. Ice. *nonfiction

The Whale and the Supercomputer: On the Northern Front of Climate Change by Charles Wohlforth
Wohlforth writes about the effects of climate change in Alaska seen through the eyes of the Natives that live it and the scientists that study it. *nonfiction

Alone in Antarctica: The First Woman to Ski Solo Across the Southern Ice by Felicity Aston
Physicist and meteorologist, Felicity Aston, decides to leave her life behind and trek across Antarctica via cross-country skiing. No motorized vehicles, no technological devices. Just her and the entire frozen continent. *nonfiction

Arctic Rising By Tobias S. Buckell
The problem of the melting ice caps has been solved. But in making such a device that will prevent the world erupting into chaos, the Gaia Corporation has also created the world's most dangerous weapons. Enter Anika Duncan, a pilot for the UN Polar Guard, who everything she can to prevent the machine going into the wrong hands. *fiction

More Related Titles: Find ICEBERGS reading lists for teens, upper elementary, and early elementary children.

July 2, 2016 - September 5, 2016 
Visit ICEBERGS in the National Building Museum's Great Hall. Designed by James Corner Field Operations, the installation is part of the annual Summer Block Party series, July 2 - September 5.