May Kite Givaway at Parklands-Turner a Flying Success

Parklands-Turner Library

May Kite Givaway at Parklands-Turner a Flying Success

"Imagination is the highest kite one can fly" - Lauren Bacall

All during the month of May, twenty seven young patrons of the Parklands-Turner Neighborhood Library were busy making paper kites and reading books, all in an effort to complete our kite contest giveaway reading contest to win real kites to take home and fly out in the fresh Spring air.

Library staff encouraged children to decorate their make-believe paper kites, which were displayed behind the library check-out desk. Twenty three children decorated kites, each with a long yarn tails attached.  Every time a child read a book, a ribbon with the title of the book was attached to the tail of their individual kites.  When enough ribbons were attached to their kite, the child received a reward was of a real kite to take home, decorate, and FLY!

This was the first year for the Parklands-Turner Kite contest, and nine children were awarded their very own kite.  Hopefully this the promotion will return again in April 2017 as a way to encourage our young patrons to soar with reading.