Keeping Cool This Summer at the Northwest One Library

Northwest One Library

Keeping Cool This Summer at the Northwest One Library

Turning What We Learned From Books into Fun and Easy Crafts

Library Associate, Janelle Ricks teamed up with FPCS (Armstrong Campus) to make reading and learning fun using crafts, demonstrations, and short quizzes.
Week 1 - “3D Spinning Top (Illusions)”
Staff read books like Xtreme Illusions and Action Optical Illusions to teach students the different types of illusions. We then used a piece of cardstock paper and markers to draw our very own illusions. After that, we attached the cardstock to a recycled DVD and inserted a penny to make our very own Spinning Tops.

Week 2 - “Animals”
Staff read books like Animals Alive to discuss animals and their habitats. We then used paper plates, popsicle sticks, and other craft supplies to make animal puppet masks.

Week 3 - “Fire Safety”
Staff read books like Firefighters and Firefighters Help to describe to students the importance of firefighter’s jobs and the use of their equipment. We listened and shared personal stories that we all had with firefighters or an actual fire. We stood by as the Firefighters that came to our program had to leave for an actual emergency.  Children were excited as the Firefighters rushed down a one way street with their sirens ringing and lights flashing as they rushed to an emergency.
Week 4 - “Understanding the Library Sections”
Staff explained to students how their DC one cards function as library cards. Staff showed students how to checkout using the one card; and informed them they could reserve a computer using the one card. Next, students were showed how books are categorized as either fiction or nonfiction; then introduced to the many sections that fall underneath them both. After exploring the differences of material and explaining how material is shelved as regards to its section, such as: graphic novel, easy readers, special collections and etc.; staff then showed students example using their favorite books. Lastly, each student stated the name of their favorite book, said if it was fiction or non-fiction, and then told staff what section it would be shelved in.