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Picture Books with Catitude

Picture Books About Cats

Do you have a little one at home who is obsessed with cats?  I lived with dogs growing up and long dreamed of being a cat owner.   Last October when my living situation changed, a cat finally entered the picture, followed by a new kitten in December.   Between the attitude that they are in charge of the household, the games of chase around the apartment, and the cuddling, I’ve grown to love everything about cats.  D.C. Public Library offers some great non-fiction titles about cats, but if your child loves fictional stories with felines, check out some of these books to read with him or her.  The books on this list are recommended for children in kindergarten through fourth grade.

It’s All About Me-Ow by Hudson Talbott
An older cat sees that new kittens are finding homes and dispenses some advice.  In addition to a tour of how a cat’s anatomy can be useful to indoor life and a bit of cat history, the older cat talks all about catitude. The kittens in this story learn how to tell their humans exactly what they need.  Children looking for a humorous glance into what cats are thinking will find this story purr-fect.

Cat Jumped In by Tess Weaver
Cat finds his way into a house through an open window.  Cat’s journey throughout various rooms of the house quickly turns into a tour of destruction.  When cat eventually finds the person who lives in the house, will he be accepted, or will he be scolded?  Read this one if you’re looking for a story of a kitty who just needs a lit bit of extra love (and probably some training).

Glamourpuss by Sarah Weeks
Glamourpuss is a spoiled cat who prides herself on her elegance.  She lives in a mansion with the Highhorsens where she is waited on by servants and says “Me” instead of “Meow.”  When human visitor Eugenia arrives with a dog named Bluebelle, who has lots of tacky outfits and does tricks, Glamourpuss is not only appalled, but also quickly grows worried that she is no longer the most glamorous.  Can Glamourpuss and Bluebelle sort out their differences?  With highbrow vocabulary, this book is perfect for any child who loves fancy animals with attitude.

William and the Missing Masterpiece by Helen Hancocks
It’s National Cheese Week and William the cat is about to leave for vacation when he receives a call that the Mona Cheesa, a painting in Paris, has gone missing.  William flies to Paris where he must enlist the help of Monsieur Gruyère and attend the Homage to Fromage Annual Art Gala in order to find the missing masterpiece.  Not only does this story have a fabulous cat detective, it’s also wonderful for children who love art, cheese, and Paris.

Hip Cat by Jonathan London
Oobie-do John, also known as the Sax Man Scat Man, is a cat who makes his way to the city to pursue his love of playing jazz music.  Oobie-do goes to a spot called Minnie’s Can Do and even though his music is well received, he finds that having one place to play in isn’t quite enough to keep food in his belly and a roof over his head.  In a story that’s told in a poetic style, Oobie-do must find a way to do what he loves and support himself.   Children who love poetry, jazz music, and cool cats will love this book.

Rupert Can Dance by Jules Feiffer
Rupert’s owner Mandy loves to dance and late at night when Mandy is fast asleep, Rupert loves to put on her dancing shoes and dance.  Rupert wants to keep his secret and dance his own way.  When Mandy discovers Rupert’s ability, he is not happy.  Will Mandy be able to help Rupert emerge from his shell? A great story about the passions that a cat and his human share.

Ginger by Charlotte Voake
Ginger loves life with the little girl who owns him, replete with warm baskets and delicious meals.  However, Ginger is not amused when the little girl comes home one day with a surprise: a new kitten.  The little girl hopes the cats will become friends on their own but after one too many attempts to play and having his dinner eaten, Ginger runs away.  Check out this story if you want to read about the struggles two cats can encounter when they’re learning how to share a home.

Bits & Pieces by Judy Byron Schachner
Tink was never a particularly smart cat and when he got a brief taste of the outdoors after a vet visit early on his life, he wanted more.  Instead, Tink learns to content himself with a life indoors, which soon includes a new kitten.  As a much older cat, Tink manages a brief outdoor adventure, until he learns that he would be much more content at home.  Read this book if you want a quiet story about the luxuries of being an indoor cat.

Is There A Dog In This Book? By Viviane Schwarz
Three cats suspect that there is a dog lurking inside this picture book, and they are not having it.  Dogs are loud, scary, and smelly.  What will happen when these felines meet their arch enemy?  This lift-the-flap story is perfect for younger children who want a humorous, interactive read about cats and dogs trying to sort out their differences.
    It's All About Me-Ow by Hudson Talbott