Thomas Sidney Jesup Receipts Scrap Book (1818-1826)

Thomas Sidney Jesup Receipts Scrap Book (1818-1826)

In the Peabody Room at Georgetown Neighborhood Library

Thomas Sidney Jesup Receipts Scrap Book (1818-1826)
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This unusual scrap book measures 11.5” x 16” and was made from an assortment of 1825 newspapers* that were hand sewn together along the front page horizontal folds.  The top folded edges of each newspaper were then cut apart, creating individual pages upon which household business receipts were pasted. 
Approximately 150 receipts are featured with the oldest dating to 1818 and the most recent from 1826.  The majority of the receipts are from the 1823-24 with many of them having been written by Georgetown merchants.
*Identifiable newspapers utilized in the manufacture of this scrap book:

  • Louisville Public Advertiser - 2/12/1825
  • Metropolitan – 5/31/1825, 6/3/1825
  • National Intelligencer – 5/31/1825
  • Washington Gazette – 5/2/1825, 5/30/1825, 6/1-3/1825, 6/6/1825


Thomas Sidney Jesup was born December 16, 1788 in Berkeley County (West) Virginia and died on June 10, 1860 in Washington, DC.  He started his distinguished military career in 1808 as a 2nd Lieutenant of the 7th Infantry and was a Major of the 19th Infantry in the War of 1812.  He was promoted successively to Lieutenant Colonel for gallantry in action at the Battles of Chippewa and Niagara in 1814.
On May 8, 1818, President Jackson appointed him temporary Adjutant General and Quartermaster General.  For his duty and faithful service he was brevetted Major General on May 8, 1828.  Known as the Father of the Modern Quartermaster Corps, he held the post as the 12th Quartermaster General for forty-two years and died while in office at age 72.  Originally interred at Congressional Cemetery in Washington, DC, his remains were relocated to Georgetown’s Oak Hill Cemetery in 1862.
The 1822 Washington Directory notes that Jesup lived at Mrs. Ann Eliza Peyton’s boarding house on the north side of C Street “near City Hall.”  Jesup married Ann Heron Croghan on May 17, 1822 near Louisville, KY.  The 1827 Washington Directory lists him living on I Street, NW between 16th and 17th streets. 

This collection of receipts reflects the cost of setting up a household for a recently married couple in 19th century Washington, DC.

Prepared by Jerry A. McCoy
August 2016

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