Community Comments

Community Comments

Second community meeting was held Aug. 18

Capitol View Library Community Meeting

Community Comments
August 18, 2016
I hope this library will not end up like the Francis Gregory Library. To me it is a disaster. It is too chopped up. Is the brick exterior going to remain? I hope it does.

I don’t like high bar-style tables, so please include standard height tables, especially for computers.

Are you going to do anything to improve the signage? This library sits off the main street and many people drive by without even noticing it. I wonder if you could put a sign more prominently out front.

Can we excavate the basement to make it larger?

Will the garden out front remain?

How did the budget for this project get cut? It used to have more money earmarked. Can we get some of the budget back? Would that delay the project?

I represent the other stakeholders in this neighborhood – urban professionals. We are not being heard. We need more quiet study spaces. UDC Community College nearby doesn’t have any study rooms for students. They need a place to study. I crave quiet places where I can work. I am a business professional, so I need more than 70 minutes on a computer. I need 4 hours. We are looking for models like what is happening at MLK Library. What we need is access to higher level computer skills and technology like 3-D printing. The study rooms at Benning Library are too small and they are not sound proof. Professionals want quiet spaces. We are looking for the Library to fill holes in the community for professionals. We need a business incubator, a place to meet clients. The library should be for more than just kids.

Make sure the design is flexible for the future.

My concern is the exterior presence of the Library. Could we elevate the signage? Maybe there is a way to bring positive attention to the location through art. Brighten up the space.

Kids are only here for a couple of hours after school, yet we are giving them so much space. And I don’t think they really come here on the weekends.

I worry that the kids are more focused on electronics/computers, not on reading spaces.

Children are very engaged at Capitol View on the weekends. This area is under-served in terms of computers, especially for kids. This is an area where kids don’t have computers at home.

We also have many adults who don’t have computers at home.

The furniture should be movable to create storytime/program space for the children.

Will there be more security on the 2nd floor if you are going to put kids and teens upstairs? Sometimes we have incidents.

The ANC has meetings at the library. While I love the library, the wiring and technology here are not great. Will the WiFi and other technology be better after the renovation?

There are some historical pieces in the Library, like commemorative plaques. Where will these items be preserved?

My concern is safety. Will you have cameras, especially to capture views of blank areas in the building?

In D.C., we have a high rate of illiteracy. I have not seen the Library embrace a program to address that in a serious way. I would like to see space allocation and a program devoted to that service.

Will there be a roof garden?

We need more adult space for literate adults.

The operative words needs to be flexibility. And perhaps add more study rooms. Ward 7 is changing rapidly.

The large meeting room is too small to accommodate the Zumba class. It needs more space.

Please be sure to communicate with the ANC Commissioners that represent this neighborhood. They are a good way to get information out.

The Arlington County Library hosts late night events for adults. I would like to see that type of programming here.

I’m excited about this project. I’ve used this library since I was a little girl. I love all the innovations that everyone is talking about, but when I walk into a library, I walk into a world of learning. I see books. I just want to be sure we keep books and learning at the center of whatever we do here.

Will there be any “green” features in the new building, like solar panels?

I would like to see space for gardening and programming around gardening like they have at the Rec Center.

Can you improve the lighting and appearance in the stairwells? They are very dark and not inviting. It would be nice if they had natural light.

I think the designs look great. We just would like a few small tweaks to make them even better.