Capitol View Library Community Survey

Capitol View Library Community Survey

Residents want more meeting and study spaces, more computers, more story times

What Services does the Capitol View Library currently NOT offer that you would like to see?

I would like to be able to continue using the meeting room on the lower level and because there are some seniors in my group, I would be nice to have the restrooms open for us.

More computers…

Conference room space for smaller groups and study carrels, lockers for storing bookbags, snack bar for drinks, exterior/interior need to be ADA compliant

Exercise class

Some type of resource that would help those in need of job training/employment

Outside tables and chairs with LARGE shading umbrella, Comcast might pay for this in exchange for putting their name on the umbrella. So we could work on our laptops w/ Library WiFi when the Library is closed.

None, it is just dated and needs more space

More story times, particularly for babies and toddlers. More kids’ programs.

Story time for young children; computer coding/programming meet-ups

A garden?

Comfortable reading nooks in children’s space and Apple computers. More graphic novels and mangas

More kids’ computers. Comfortable reading seats/nooks

Machines to accept credit or debit cards

Have a daycare in part of the building

Please keep the Zumba class

I would like to see more Zumba. It is healthy and family oriented

More computer classes for beginners

Reading/math help (tutors) on weekends

More computers

Docking stations for phones and iPads. Laptop center. In 2016, the world is more tech friendly. The Library should mesh with the times.

More computers, especially for the younger children

Bring back some of the books from years gone by

More Zumba

Job opportunities

Maybe more children’s activities

More updated printer that accepts credit/debit cards. Increase the network speed.

More children’s computers

Please share any additional thoughts you have regarding the renovation of the Capitol View Library.

More computers. Better selection of books and more urban books

Keep the building, it appears to be a sturdy structure

Modern infrastructure with WiFi, larger area for computers, more study spaces. Be sure carpet is user friendly – no white patches in the carpet.

Exercise class

The Library is the hub of the community and needs to be accessible to those who are disabled. Perhaps a program could be developed for youth who are wheel chair bound to work thru their feelings and use the services of the library more to help themselves and communicate with others in their condition

Please don’t make an ugly black box like Francis Gregory. Also some REALLY comfortable arm chairs to read in

Renovate as soon as possible

It needs to have more windows and a modern look

It should be done quickly

Make it architecturally interesting

I’d love more space to hang out and relax. Right now there is not a lot of reading space or space for kids to play and read.

Would like a better plaza area and a building that is more open to the street

The staff at the library is always helpful to me and my children

I really hope they renovate it and make it bigger

I would like additional study rooms in a noise free zone

This is a good library. The day camp I work with Monday-Friday love it here.

Put the teens with the children

Add more sessions of the Zumba class

I really enjoy doing Zumba twice a week. I really think it is important to stay active

Bathroom access

Leave this library alone. It is quite functional, usable and comfortable as it is. Can’t you people understand that my tax dollar pays for library services and if I’m please you ought to respect that. You people messed up the Benning Library, so you’re trying to repeat that. No Good!

Evening hours tutorial program. Evening and weekend homework help, expecially for reading and math.

Quiet rooms to study and have meetings

There should include an area large enough to include exercise for the adults.

Update computers and fix water fountain

Please do not get rid of activity room. Zumba helps keep my weight under control

I am happy to hear about the renovation. I think it will be good for adults and children

Bigger parking lot

Children’s area should be more colorful and fun looking for kids

Please include more investment publications. Maybe include some economics for youth in community.

Great security due to increased hours of operation

I am so thankful that this library is here for the community. It’s a library and a safe haven for many of our users.

The Capitol View team are doing a wonderful job in advancing their users holistic approach in using the library system

I think security issues are very important, so additional MPD services are needed