Capitol View Library Community Meeting

Capitol View Library Community Meeting

Comments from June 16, 2016 Meeting

Can you make the meeting room dividable?

I don’t really have an opinion on whether children should be on first or second. I am curious if there is a precedent from other libraries? It may be easier to evacuate children from the first floor if there is an emergency.

Historically, children were upstairs at Capitol View. I would like to see the children separated because it can be loud to have them near adults. I would prefer to have children on the second floor, but would want to be sure that the staff knows how to evacuate them in an emergency

What about security? Maybe it would be better to have the children on the first floor so that there is better oversight over them.

That meeting room on the lower level. How big would it be?

I saw space for Friends. Who are the Friends?

Is there currently security here? Will there be security at new building?

What organizations are considered Friends of the Library?

Can you share more about the training room? Is it just for computer training? Will it be available outside of training sessions or will it be locked when no classes are happening?

Someone mentioned wanting more computers. If you have the training room hardwired and keeping the room open when not in use for training, it would help with desire for more.

You could mix it up and have some desk top and some laptop computers.

When you get to the stage of designing the children’s area, I would like to provide feedback. I feel the space needs to be more tiered for different ages. I have no preference as to which floor is better. It might be better to have teens with children because teens often bring their younger siblings to the library.

How did we arrive at where we are now? Is the renovation constrained by the budget? Is there an option to lobby for more money?

Originally, the budget was over $11 million. The current councilmember tried to sell me that the budget is sufficient.

Is the $4.5 million guaranteed? It won’t go down?

Will there be money for an expansion of books?

Will windows and plumbing be included and some exterior improvements?

Will some of the money go for programs? Will you bring new programs into the library? Especially for children, we need after school programs, like tutoring. College Prep class. Credit repair. First time home buyers, health classes.

I want to make sure that when you dedicate meeting space, it is not something small. We need space for the community to come together. Could have parenting classes.

Is there a way to petition for more funds for programs or collections?

How can we get more money for programming for this library?

My main concern is that this community is not getting what it needs for programming.

Does the library have grant making authority?

Can the community reach out to organizations to request programming?

Regarding no interim space during the renovation: What happens to children and others who need services during that time?

Are there any thoughts about opening up the space with larger windows, skylights, use of outdoor space?

Green roof?

What is the possibility that we could have some type of transportation to get to another branch?

Have you thought about using a public school as an outlet for services?

Who is responsible for the budget?

What happens to the staff during the renovation?

Will the next meeting entail decisions for design?

You mentioned operating budget? Who decides the budget? Who should we contact to lobby for more money?