Community Comments

Community Comments

Meeting on June 15, 2016

How well sound-proofed will the dividable spaces be?

Was it a budgetary issue or style issue – you would have had more space for seating if the atrium had been eliminated and made a larger second floor.

Will there be a Friends space?

The rubber hits the road when it comes to maintenance. What is the best state of affairs for materials and maintenance? What products are going to hold up best?

Will you have a good sound system built in to the meeting rooms?

Newark Street side seating area. Could that be informal so that folks can sit and read the paper and eat crumbly donuts?

I am perplexed as to why the children’s room is on the ground level and not the upper level. Also, I am concerned that there is only one elevator. What if it breaks? Second floor as compared to current library – the tables look small in comparison. I am afraid that many of the tables will end up with computers on them. I am concerned that study rooms really won’t be that accessible – once there is some incident like a drug deal, the rooms will get locked and people will have to reserve them to use them.

I think the plan looks great.

I like a lot of aspects too. The only thing – in the children’s area, I love how currently there are spaces for parents and children to sit together. The plan looks more like rows and smaller tables. Need comfy chairs where a parent can have a kid on the lap.

Glad to see a lot of the community’s concerns were addressed. But one still has not been. How will I see that this is the Cleveland Park Library? There seems to be a dinky space for staff. I walk in and see a monitor. I want to see books. Something warm.

Question about seating. In modern use, how many libraries have chairs with tables incorporated. Will you have those?

How high are the stacks in the adult section? Why are the stacks so low? Will you be able fit all the books that you currently have?

The circulation desk is inadequate and badly placed and ugly.

In conversations with library staff, they are not in agreement with me. The importance of a symbolic presence of a larger desk is important.

Are there any exterior metal screens? The shading at Anacostia only comes part way up. What are you planning on doing for light screening?

ANC 3C passed a resolution about preserving certain historic features.

I don’t see any loading dock or service entrance.

I think the design is wonderful, but the entry way has an airport quality. It is not welcoming.

I love the glazing of the whole building. As for the shades, are they necessary on the east side.

Is there space for stroller parking?

Neighborhood children’s programming during construction. What will happen with all those programs during construction?

Charging stations. Will wireless charging be an option?

Will you have a dedicated Maker Space?

Since you have a lot of large meeting spaces, you may have a lot of people in the building at the same time. How many fixtures will you have in the women’s bathroom? Women should have at least 2 toilets and sinks in the lower level.

Will there be a water fountain?

I’m worried about rainy days in the foyer. Will that hard surface be slippery?

Adjustable sun screens.

Please do not have a monitor in the entryway. Instead, have special book display. Staff picks. You should see books upon entry. Don’t tuck Holds away – they should be visible upon entry.

Wood panels on end panels. Wood tables. Wood chairs. Plastic chairs for children are not as stable. Get wood elements into the furniture of the library, not just the walls. Not composite wood.

Existing children’s tables seat 8. It encourages collaboration.

Put white boards and screens in lower level meeting rooms.

In children’s library, shelves are all rows. Would it be possible to add a curved shelving area so that you could feel more surrounded by books?

Keep the panda.

Comfortable chairs

What will happen to the current wooden tables?

Is this library something that is conceived as the library of the future? Are there opportunities for virtual office work? Incubator space?

Exhibit areas? What opportunities are there for fund raising? The banquet space does not actually have amenities that are necessary for hosting an actual banquet.

Outdoor area is an opportunity to teach about gardening and other outdoor endeavors.

Washrooms. Maybe they should all be individual – not male/female.

Lower stacks are really hard to read. Is there an opportunity to use technology to tell customers what books are on the lower shelves?

Most exciting thing that you could do is to have a beautifully designed kiosk outside to provide information about what is going on in the library. This would allow people outside to know what is going on – it might attract more people to the library and would provide a service to the greater community.

How many people will the study rooms accommodate?

Glass panels for study rooms – how acoustically sound are the rooms?

In place of the window display, you really need to see book displays on the entry.

The $1.1 million was supposed to restore a full basement. It seems like we didn’t get the whole basement back. What happened?

This seems really nice. It seems coherent. A lot of different opinions have to be taken into account. I love the nooks. I’m confused about the word "forum". As a former literacy teacher, I think the word you mean is living room. Did you consider putting window seats in the windows? Metal ceiling? The whole environmental aspect of the plan seems to have receded. What about the swifts? Will there be a green roof?

What will the stairs be made of?

Acrylic panels are really nice.

Consider a raised platform or stage that could be set up in meeting rooms for theater productions.

On stacks, consider putting them on wheels so that they can be moved around. Even in the adult area.