Cleveland Park Community Comments

Cleveland Park Community Comments

Meeting on Sept. 21, 2016

In the adult reading room, it seems like the concept is a little hard to understand. The seating seems to be on the perimeter rather than the center of the room.

What is the concept of the forum?

Appreciate that you have responded to the community’s comments. I have questions about what you are doing in the forum space.

What makes CPK a library people love, is that the circulation desk is a gathering space. Is there functionality to the circulation desk?

Will staff have to do all the work in the basement?

Where are you proposing to put periodicals?

Are the laptops going to have security on them so that people can’t just walk out with them?

I’m concerned about the elevators, bathrooms and elevators in one respect. Disability access.

Is there a schedule for when things are going to start happening in terms of construction?

I count 13 trees around the perimeter of the property currently. In the plan, I see nothing. Can you save any of the trees? [at least 4 trees on Conn. Will be saved and the big one on Macomb.]

What is the material of the shelves in the adult reading room?

I think this looks great. I am very excited about the end product. I am worried about the construction phase. I live on Macomb. I would like some assurance about the impact on the neighborhood. [Construction traffic will not go up Macomb. We have been working with DDOT and the ANC. A bit of the corner at Macomb will be cordoned off temporarily.]

Have you done any work on where the construction workers will park? [ANC has requested shuttles. Contractor will stipulate that workers cannot park on the street in Cleveland Park.]

Have you considered a parking garage from where you can shuttle them in?

Has a decision been made about the zinc vs. stone on the exterior? Or for the brick vs. drywall on the interior?

The metal finish definitely makes it much more a 21st Century building. It is lighter.

When you walk by the library now, the big window in front is the major information place. Is there some way to really present a whole picture/a whole theme in the front window?

From Connecticut Ave. – people should be able to see books from outside the library.

Is there any space for improvised seating outside the entrance? [There is a low retaining wall along Conn. Ave.]

If you are considering material choices, I like the contrast of the stone better than the zinc.

Can we re-purpose some of the current furniture?

Couldn’t the bookcases be wood and the walls white? The wood walls look very 1950s to me.

Is there any exterior signage? I didn’t see any.

Lighting: I am assuming you are using energy efficient LEDs as much as you can. Lighting could be an educational opportunity: Create a Graphic that explains how the system captures daylighting and how sensors detect the level of lighting needed.

Where will strollers go?

Is there a place for banners on the exterior for special events?

Is there a place for deliveries on the back of the building? [there will be dedicated on-street loading with no curb cut]

I want to issue to everyone an invitation to remember during the disruptions that this is one of the most important things happening for our community. This library is going to be a great benefit for everyone and we need to tolerate some level of disruption during construction. It’s going to be great.

How are the glass panels that are currently in the children’s room being incorporated into the new design? [glass panels will be hung in the forum area.]

You are setting up a new function – checking out laptops. Where will that be done? [at the circulation desk on the 1st floor and the info desk on the 2nd floor initially.]

Will food and drink be allowed in the library? The library is not a lunch room. Who will clean it up?

I do like the metal panels on the exterior.

Is the children’s room self-contained for noise now?

Will there be any chance for community input on furniture selections?

The zinc vs. stone – what would the savings permit you to do?

What is the project cost per foot? What items in the design/build are still up for grabs?