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Book Hill Talks

France Alive: A History Told Through Great Works of Art

The Georgetown Neighborhood Library Library is proud to host art historian Vanessa Badré's series France Alive: A History Told Through Great Works of art. Focusing on 17th-19th century French history, the series touches on the complex web of socio-geopolitical issues of the age.

All events begin at 7 p.m. 

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Wendell Kellar

Oct 5, 2016: Lecture N° 1 - 17th Century. Art in Politics and Religion: The Meanings Behind 17th French Classicism.
Dec 7, 2016: Lecture N° 2 18th Century.   Conversation, Love and Philosophy: 18th Century Fêtes galantes
Jan 18, 2017: Lecture N° 3 19th Century. Paintings Part One: Realism: Representing the Real World, in Fragments or Totality
Feb 15, 2017: Lecture N° 4 19th Century Paintings Part Two: Impressionist Painters: Friendship, Landscapes and Modern Life.
 Mar 15, 2017: Lecture N° 5 From 17th to 19th Century:  Understanding French Political History, Royals, Revolution, and Republic Through One Enduring Symbol: The Woman