Benjamin M.

Picture of Me

Reading may not be the most fun thing I do at the library. It's the most fun thing I do everywhere. Almost...everywhere.

Outside of the library, I am a professional hobbyist. I have studied various martial arts, rock climbing, yoga, ceramics, cooking, orienteering, snowshoeing, knitting, figure drawing, gardening, farming, and over a decade of meditation.

I really connect with the idea of the library as a place for people to engage in the basic project of the Enlightenment, to improve the human condition through broadly available education materials.  I like John Dewey's philosophy of self-directed education, practically applied in the best traditions of American Utilitarianism.  And I wish we had even more stuff, like a tool library, demonstration gardens, even spaces like warehouses to organize consumer coops and community kitchens.  Which is to say, I like doing things, and I think libraries are a great place to do them.  Some...things.

Right now I am reading a book on the ancient history of language, Written in Stone.

My favorite books in chronological order of my reading them are:  Favorite Genres and subgenres:
  • Politics: political theory, economics, civil and human rights, philosophy
  • Religion: theology, Buddhism and meditation, ethics and human evolution
  • Art of all kinds
  • Graphics Novels: Image comics, origin stories, superheroes, sci-fi
  • Fantasy: archetypal stories, quests, magic, knights, magical realism 
  • Classics: American lit, regional myths, and legends

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