A Little Bit of Love

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A Little Bit of Love

Sometimes we all need a little love. Not the bodice-ripping kind of love, just enough to warm us during a soul-searching voyage or as a way to rediscover our true selves.

Don’t worry, readers, I got you! Below are some of my favorite fiction reads. They will offer you some love and lots of self-discovery as the main characters redefine their career goals in publishing or cooking, learn to love themselves and not their bodies, or examine their lives as their past and future collide.

Whatever the discovery is, these reads are a treat! 
Big Girl Panties by Stephanie Evanovich
If Evanovich sounds familiar to you, you are undoubtedly thinking of her aunt, Janet Evanovich,  the contemporary mystery writer. This is Stephanie's debut novel and I think it is the best out of the three! 

Holly Brennan is a young widow who has been using food to comfort her through her hard times. When she ends up flying next to a gorgeous personal trainer who offers her a chance to build her life back, she finds it tough to resist. Logan Montgomery trains her body back to great condition, but Holly learns to love the person she really is deep down. Having a fresh attitude towards herself opens up the door to a new love for her... if she's ready. 

The Hating Game by Sally Thorne
I heard a lot of buzz for this book and waited patiently for DC to order a copy. Luckily for me, my wait was cut in half when one of my friends sent me the book!

Lucy Hutton is rarely bored at work. Her job is the administrative assistant to one-half of a publishing powerhouse. She also works alongside her nemesis, Joshua Templeton, who has the same job on the other side of the powerhouse! Working with a nemesis is difficult for many reasons: most of them because each person continually one-ups the other and tries to make the other look bad! When a potential job promotion is announced, their hating game starts takes on a whole new twist and has potential life changing ramifications when it comes to the game of love.
The City Baker’s Guide to Country Living by Louise Miller
I picked up a copy of this book at a library conference and devoured it as one would eat the most delicious meal - trying to savor it, and also enjoying it too much to pace myself. And then I lent it to a friend, and she lost it! Luckily, she brought me a hardcover copy for my birthday- so I can read this treasure again, and also continue our friendship!

Olivia Rawlings is a pastry chef maven, but when she flambées a bit more than her show-stopping dessert at the biggest night of her career, she decides to run away to the idyllic country life in Vermont! She gets a job as the pastry chef at a B&B but her small town life is not as peaceful as it seems. Her new boss has big expectations for her baking and is withholding all her reasons for the perfection that she seeks. As Livvy builds her life in Vermont, she must decide once and for all just how committed she is to making her own happy ending!
Two Across by Jeffery Bar
Do you love the excitement of a spelling bee? I find them a bit too stressful to watch. All those little brainac kids with their big plans and their massive vocabulary… and then just one letter wrong and they are out! This tale is far more enjoyable. Stanley Owens and Vera Baxter meet as teenagers at the National Spelling Bee, where they tied for first place. Both children are being pushed to bright futures by their overbearing parents and can easily relate to each other. Stanley and Vera continue to meet over the years, as a friendship and perhaps more blossoms.

Stanley has plans to detach from his bright future and write crossword puzzles and tries to talk Vera into his big charade to acquire money to fuel his dream, but Vera was hoping for a little more love. Their friendship ends, and Vera disappears from Stanley’s life. Will Stanley be able to get a clue and solve the puzzle of his life, or has he run out of letters and chances?
One True Loves by Taylor Reid
I am obsessed with the movie "Sliding Doors" - Gwyneth Paltrow in her prime! She is just a simple woman living her life, until one day, her life splits. In one scenario, she makes the subway and continues on with her life. In the other scenario, she misses the subway, goes back home and discovers that her boyfriend is cheating on her! This discovery forces her to live a whole different life! One True Loves reminds me of that movie - one little step and your life could be so different!

You can probably tell that I am not a great decision maker! In this story, Emma Blair, has lived a great life. She fell in love in high school and married him. She moved away from her small town and went on many thrilling adventures with Jesse - her husband and best friend. Until right before her first wedding anniversary, her husband disappears on a helicopter trip and is assumed dead.

Heartbroken, Emma moves home and back in with her family. She starts to rebuild her life, slowly. Working back at home as its advantages when she bumps into an old friend and - after some time - starts to fall in love again. As she starts to create a new life for herself and is finally happy again, Jesse is found!

Emma must decide if she believes in that one true love, and if her heart and brain can make the best choice for her!

The Sugar Queen by Sarah Addison
Of all the novels I have chosen for this list, this one is special as the reader will be quick to discover that things are more than they seem in this book. Josey Cirini lives at home with her overbearing mother. As she nears 30, she starts to really question if her life will ever be more than staying at home with her mom and eating her favorite snacks in her bedroom closet.

Things start to turn around quickly for her when she finds a local waitress, Della Lee Baker, hiding in her closet. Della Lee erratically asks her to get some things from around town and forces Josey out of her physical and emotional comfort level. Especially when Della Lee gets involved in Josey's crush on the mailman!