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My Country 'Tis of Thee

Children's Books about Becoming President

As we embark on a journey with a new president, it is great to revisit all the hard work it takes to become president. Many of these books tell inspiring stories of children who dream of being president one day. Whether they dream of becoming the president of their class, school, or country, the consensus is that it is not a job that should be taken lightly.

Grace for President By: Kelly DiPucchio

​One day Grace sees all the pictures of previous presidents of the United States and realizes our country has never had a woman president. Her curiosity influences her teacher to hold an election at their school. Initially, she believes becoming president will be easy until another candidate emerges from another classroom. Join Grace as she campaigns to become president of her school and learns exactly how a president is elected along the way. This book is recommended for ages 5-9.

Duck for President By: Doreen Cronin
There is always work to do on a farm. Not only does the farmer have work to do but so does the animals. After becoming fed up with the chores he had to complete on the farm everyday, Duck decided that Farmer Brown did not need to be in charge any longer. He made a sign for an election to become in charge of the farm. Not too long after finding out how much hard work goes into running a farm, Duck decides to take on a different title. Go on a journey with Duck as he soon realizes that there will always be work to do. This book is recommended ages 4-8.

So You Want to Be President? By: Judith St. George
You may hear the average person say they want to be president but just how much does the average person have in common with the previous presidents? You think you're too short to be president? Nonsense! President James Madison was only five foot four inches. You think you have too many siblings to ever become president? Doubtful. President Benjamin Harrison had eleven brothers and sisters. You want to take on a different career before becoming president? Go for it! President Andrew Johnson was a tailor before becoming president of the United States. Read through this fascinating non-fiction book to learn more about our previous presidents. This book is recommended for ages 6 and up.

President Pennybaker By: Kate Feiffer
All Luke wanted to do is watch television. Every time he asked his Dad, the answer somehow always ended up being no. This was very unfair in Luke's eyes. This unfairness led him to ponder what he could do to make life more fair. He came up with the idea to run for president. He took his idea to school and soon had everyone screaming "Pennybaker for president!" Read to find out what happens when Luke hits the campaign trail to run for president. This book is recommended for ages 4-8. 

My Teacher for President By: Kay Winters
Oliver believes that his teacher would be a great fit for President of the United States. Between parent teacher conferences and staff development training, she attends plenty of meetings. Just like the president. She loves to go on trips. Just like the president. She is a good listener. Just like the president. Read to find out what other traits qualify Oliver's teacher for the presidency. This book is recommended for ages 4-6.

President Squid By: Aaron Reynolds
When Squid realizes that no giant squid has even been president before, he sets out to become the first. He goes on to list five important reasons as to why he will be the greatest president who has ever lived. Will any of his reasons have anything to do with how he looks? Will any of his reasons have anything to do with where he lives? Will any of his reasons have to do with being in charge? Read to find out what makes Squid think he can become president. This book is recommended for ages 5-8.

Madam President By: Lane Smith
We all know that a president's day is full of things to do. A little girl imagines what her day would be like as Madam President. Some of the duties she envisions include daily briefs to review, babies to kiss, treaties to negotiate, and tackling press conferences gracefully. How will she handle all that she has to do as Madam President? Will she emerge from it all ready for more or will she end her day exhausted? Read to find out how this little girl does as Madam President. This book is recommended for ages 4 and up.

Babymouse for President By: Jennifer L. Holm and Matthew Holm
This graphic novel takes the reader on a trip as Babymouse chooses to get involved and to stop complaining. She chooses to run for President of the Student Council. She cannot wait to be in charge but has not fully thought out her platform.She also realizes that other people want to be president too. Read to find out how Babymouse runs her campaign and if she comes out victorious. This book is recommended for ages 7-10.

Max for President By: Jarrett Krosoczka
It is time to elect a new class president in Mrs. Antonio's class. Max and Kelly both fancied the thought of being class president. Max made signs. Kelly made signs too. Max made promises. Kelly made promises too. The time comes to vote and both wait anxiously for the results. Who will the winner be? Will it be Max or Kelly? Read to find out how this story ends. This book is recommended for ages 3-7.

If I Ran for President By: Catherine Stier
Ben wants to run for president. Does he know what that really means? Is he aware of the hard work? One should be aware of the nation's issues that need to be addressed and figure out the beliefs they hold as they relate to them. A president is never alone and has to find a good running mate in a vice president. The skill of persuasive language is a plus as you will need it to engage in televised debates. Read to find out how Ben responds to all the requirements. This book is recommended for ages 6-9.