Celebrate Earth Day and Arbor Day

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Celebrate Earth Day and Arbor Day

Children's Books with an Environmental Theme

Earth Day is April 22 and Arbor Day is April 28. In celebration of these two holidays, here is a list of chapter books for kids. These books are not too heavy handed, but are entertaining and thought-provoking. Hopefully, they will get the next generation thinking about our world, and how they can best take care of it.

Hoot by Carl Hiaasen
One of my favorites on the list. A boy, who (pun intended) is new to town attempts to protect a colony of owls whose home happens to be threatened by proposed construction.

Operation Redwood by S. Terrell French
An investment company plans to chop down a grove of some of the oldest redwoods in California. A group of kids has other ideas about the trees. They're going to protect them, no matter what.

Judy Moody Saves the World! by Megan McDonald
Judy begins with a science project, but it quickly evolves into something bigger. Her class is studying the rain forest, endangered species and recycling. Judy is ready to make a few changes to her and her family's lifestyle.

The Dragon Tree by Jane Langton
A new resident in town begins cutting down all the trees. Chainsaws buzz in the night. The Hall family must stop him. They will do anything to protect the mysterious tree that grew overnight in their yard.

Mallory goes Green! by Laurie Friedman
Mallory is appointed to the school Environmental Committee. She gets a bit overzealous in her attempts to make changes, which annoys almost everyone. Can Mallory find a way to make the changes she feels are important while not alienating everyone she cares about?

Toby Alone by Timothée de Fombelle
Toby is very small. How small, you ask? He is one and a half millimeters tall, and he lives in a world called Tree. Then Toby's father discovers that Tree is alive, and there might even be other Trees out there. Developers consider this new discovery, and become aware that they don't have to be as careful with their environment as they previously thought.

Watch out World, Rosy Cole is Going Green! by Sheila Greenwald
The school Fall Fair is attempting to sell products that are "green." After the fair, Rosie's imagination overwhelms her better judgement, and the composting worms she is supposed to be taking care of make a big mess. 

Mr. Granite is From Another Planet! by Dan Gutman
The new teacher Mr. Granite has ideas that are strange and unusual. So strange, some of the students are wondering if he comes from another planet. He is pushing hard to make the school more environmentally friendly in addition to looking and acting weird.

Skullduggery by Pete Hautman and Mary Logue
Two students on a class field trip find the local archaeologist knocked out in a cave. The professor is looking for an old burial ground in hopes of stopping the land from being developed by the shady Bloodwater family.

The Rebellion of Humans: an African Spiritual Journey by David A. Anderson
This is a West African story about ecological disaster and renewal. In this story, humans no longer respect the environment, but have become greedy and thoughtless. 

Baby-sitters Club: Dawn Saves the Planet by Ann M. Martin
Dawn, the crunchy California babysitter, is worried about the fate of the planet, so she begins to think about a recycling center at her school. But, all this hard work begins to keep her from her friends. 

The Island by Gary Paulsen
Will's parent's don't get along. His one happy place is an island which he rows to everyday. There he learns about nature and himself, and about the larger world. He now feels confident to face it all, thanks to his time on his own on the island

Night of the Spadefoot Toads by Bill Harley
Ben moves from the desert to the east coast. He loved the desert where he lived, and finds the transition a difficult one. His science teacher notices his difficulty and takes him under her wing. Mrs. Tibbets introduces Ben to the endangered Spadefoot Toads. He begins to settle into his new home, until everything changes for Ben. Again.