Love, Peace, and Happiness

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Love, Peace, and Happiness

Books to Assist in the Pursuit of a Life Filled with Love and Purpose

Life can be hard. We all are constantly searching for ways to feel more fulfilled. Ways to give and receive love. Ways to increase the peace we experience. Ways to be happy. These books provide ideas as to how to live an overall better life.

The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin
We may sometimes feel as if our emotions and the way we view life is out of our control. In this book, the author makes it her duty to discover ways to make herself happy. It is one thing to be passive about finding happiness and another to purposely seek out actions that will truly make you a happier person. Read this book to find out what happens when one decides to take on a project to ensure their happiness.

All About Love: new visions by bell hooks
A popular song by Tina Turner had many people questioning what love has to do with it. According to bell hooks, it has everything to do with it. Although we all recognize its importance, not many of us know what it truly is and how to give it. She uses personal experiences as well as philosophical ideas. Take a journey with bell hooks as she dives in and discusses different topics such as the difference between caring for someone and loving them or how our childhood experiences shape the way in which we view love and more. 

The Four Agreements: a practical guide to personal freedom by Don Miguel Ruiz
In this book, Don Miguel Ruiz walks the reader through four ideas that will ultimately lead to a life of freedom.  The first agreement discusses the importance of keeping your word. The second agreement discusses our tendency to take things too personal. The third agreement discusses the idea that we should stay away from making assumptions. The fourth and final agreement reminds us all to make sure we are giving our all in everything we do. 

The Defining Decade: why your twenties matter and how to make the most of them now by Meg Jay 
Our twenties are a very important and pivotal time in our lives. We lay a lot of groundwork for our future in our twenties. Clinical psychologist Dr. Meg Jay gives advice on how to make the most out of your twenties. She shares stories from twentysomethings to help drive home her ideas on how to navigate through topics such a career and love. For those who may be feeling in limbo at this point in their life, this book will help to give ideas of how to rethink the path you are taking in your twenties.

The Big Picture by Christine Whelan
There are many forks in the road that we will reach throughout our lives. We finish high school and then have to decide whether we want to enter the workforce or further our education. If we choose to further our education, we then have to decide what we want to major in. Whether working straight out of high school or finishing college, we all reach a point where we have to decide how much weight we put on starting a family versus pushing ourselves in our careers. This book helps young adults figure out the big picture and questions what you really want out of life.