Friendly Monsters

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Friendly Monsters

While most monsters have earned a reputation for being creepy, frightening, dreadful creatures, the following collection of books portrays monsters in an amicable fashion. Treat the little ones in your life (ages 2-6) to a mystical world of imagination, friendship, and colorful tales. Animate your voice, and let the adventures begin.

My Teacher is a Monster by Peter Brown
A young boy’s perception of his teacher changes, upon an unexpected encounter that forces him to see her in a new light. This book is equally charming as it is humorous.

Monsters Love School by Mike Austin
Looking for ways to get your toddler excited about starting preschool? Austin’s charismatic group of young monsters learn about the purpose of school as they take on their first day. Bravery and friendship are some of the core values introduced.

The Monster Next Door by David Soman
Friendships can be so fickle at times, especially for children. Soman uses delightful pastel illustrations and a big sense of humor to share the ups and downs of a boy and a monster as they navigate their feelings and learn to get along.

The Adventures of Beekle by Dan Santat
This imaginative tale, about a young creature’s voyage to find companionship, comes to life with magnificent illustrations and whimsical characters.

Spike, the Mixed-up Monster by Susan Hood
Little Spike is determined to become a frightening monster, but must decide if a new friendship is more important than creating a fearsome reputation for himself. Basic Spanish words are sprinkled throughout the pages and can be further explored inside the included Spanish/English glossary.

Love Monster and the Last Chocolate by Rachel Bright
Ever felt torn between sharing your favorite treat and savoring it alone? The little monster in this story is faced with such a dilemma. Find out if he decides to indulge in the chocolates in solitude, or share them with his friends.