June is...Great Outdoors Month!

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June is...Great Outdoors Month!

Celebrate Inside or Out With Your Library

Whether you're a true-blue outdoor adventurer, or an indoor cat like me, reading about outdoor exploration is a fun way to get the summer started. From camping and hiking, to humor and one fictional tale of survival, bust out the bug spray and enjoy all that June -  Great Outdoors Month - has to offer at your library:

1. Under The Stars : How America Fell In Love With Camping by Dan White
From RVs and "glamping" to the history of backpacking, White takes a deep dive into how and why American's just love to camp. Read and get inspired to follow in the paths of decades of Americans, or snuggle in your sleeping bag on the living room floor, A/C blasting, while you enjoy this fun mix of history and travel narrative.

2. Walking the Nile by Levison Wood
I'm a sucker for travelogues, especially when the journey is something I would never, EVER, want to endure. Such is true of Walking the Nile, the true story of the first person to ever walk the entire length of the Nile River entirely on foot (that's 4,250 miles!). Aside from the occasionally dangerous terrain and environment, Wood focuses largely on the stories of the people who help him and talk with him along the way, which to me is the best part of his journey.

3. The Bear: A Novel by Claire Cameron
The only novel on this list, Cameron's tale of a 5-year-old girl and her brother's survival after a bear attack is perfect for those of you who refuse to go camping, or like a little fright while reading by flashlight. I can't say that you'll learn how to survive from this story alone, but its young narrator makes for a different spin on surviving-in-the-woods tales, and it may reaffirm your desire to stay inside where it's safe.

4. Paddle Your Own Canoe : One Man's Fundamentals for Delicious Living by Nick Offerman
If road trips are your thing, download the audiobook from Overdrive of this humorous mix of memoir and how to live before you hit the road. Enjoy Offerman's narration as you merge with the great outdoors, or imagine you're the type to build your own canoe while you listen with a tall glass of iced tea from the couch.

5. Fifty Places to Camp Before You Die by Chris Santella
Beautiful photographs accompany these recommendations, which has advice for when to visit and what to do while you're there- whether in Botswana, Australia, or one of the many US National Parks. And for the indoorsman, you can steal one of the personal anecdotes from seasoned travelers to make it sound like you were there!