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Supernatural Teens

Books about young people and their amazing abilities

If you consider yourself a literary fan of heavy suspense, dark undertones, and fast moving storytelling, paranormal fiction just might be a sub-genre worth investigating. These are the books that typically grab my attention and maintain interest all throughout hundreds of pages from beginning to end. If you're searching for books that provide a thrill, browse the recommendations below to see what jumps out at you!

Wonders of the Invisible World by Christopher Barzak
One could describe Aiden Lockwood as a loner who drifts through school and works on his family’s struggling farm to pass the time. However, when his childhood friend, Jarrod, moves back to town, this event triggers Aiden to realize he's missing certain memories. Jarrod claims that Aiden once saw visions of people’s futures or pasts and even images of their death which sets the table for a lead character exploring potentially dormant supernatural abilities. When Aiden begins to have clairvoyant dreams, his mother reveals that she, too, is a seer and has suppressed his abilities to protect him from a family curse. This is a well-paced story for any reader interested in paranormal secrets coming to light.

Flip by Martyn Bedford
Alex finds himself in quite the predicament when he wakes up in a completely different house and unsure of how he got there. To make the situation more bizarre, his body has been switched with that of another person in a very creepy turn of events. With his former body laying comatose at a local hospital from a hit and run accident, Alex finds himself looking for answers while struggling with his new "identity." A thought-provoking book that is sure to ignite conversations about self-identity and individual perspective.

Shutter by Courtney Alameda
Few people are aware of what a tetrachromat is, but for Micheline Helsing, her ability to see spiritual auras is nothing unusual at all. She belongs to the prestigious Hellsing Corps made up of gifted teens who specialize in exorcising undead ghosts. While encountering a dangerous aura, Micheline and her team are infected with the Soulchain Curse and must exorcise the entity within a week or risk losing their souls. This title should be a nice pick for those who enjoy teen fiction and spiritual possession.

Liar by Justine Larbalestier
It might seem completely logical to connect a compulsive liar to the murder of a popular teen; this is the situation Micah Wilkens finds herself in. She attends a progressive private high school in New York City where she has dressed as a boy, conjured up imaginary family members, and stretched the truth about her father's profession. A secret relationship outside of school with Zach, her boyfriend, comes to light when he is found brutally killed, making her the prime suspect -- given her checkered past involving lies and deceit. This is an interesting read that features an African American girl as the lead protagonist, a mysterious background, and supernatural senses.

Bang by Lisa McMann
Jules Demarco has utilized future sight to save several lives over a period of time, including her boyfriend Sawyer. Having also acquired future sight, Sawyer begins to see visions of a disastrous shooting taking place in their school. The two young lovers decide to move quickly and decipher several clues that hopefully lead to stopping a senseless act of brutality. A possible choice for those interested in a dark story line with psychic elements.

When by Victoria Laurie
Sixteen-year-old Maddie Flynn possesses a unique ability that only a select few have knowledge of: she can see the death date of anyone she encounters. Her alcohol-abusing mother exploits this ability by having Maddie conduct readings for money. When she predicts the death of a young boy to his mother, however, the FBI is notified of a possible homicide, and Maddie is hurled into the cross-hairs of law enforcement searching for answers. This title might be the perfect choice for a reader into teen-based murder mysteries.

Tremor by Patrick Carman
With our planet in grave danger, Faith, Dylan, and Hawk appear poised to mount a defense that could save Earth from harm. Luckily for Faith and Dylan, both have “the second pulse,” which is the power of telekinesis. Unfortunately for all three, the individuals creating the worldwide threat also possess the same technique which could nullify their arsenal. Worst of all, it seems very possible that one of the adversaries could be Dylan's father adding a complicated wrinkle to their situation. This is an interesting read for fans of world domination plot lines and paranormal fighting abilities.