Celebrate LBGTQ Literature

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Celebrate LBGTQ Literature

Looking for picture books featuring diverse types of families? DC Public Library System has inclusive reads for everyone!

Real Sisters Pretend by Megan Dowd Lambert
Two girls talk about why they don’t need to pretend that they're real sisters. Despite the fact that they're adopted and they don't look alike, their two new mothers have given them a real home and a real family that loves them.

Stella Brings the Family by Miriam B. Schiffer 
Stella is nervous about her class' Mother's Day celebration because she has two fathers. After fielding questions from her classmates like, "who reads you bedtime stories if you don’t have a mother?" (which she assures them isn't a problem), Stella decides to bring her whole family to the celebration. On the big day, Stella sees that lots of her classmates have brought people who aren’t their mothers. We also learn that Stella might not be the only classmate with these nerves.

Mom and Mum are Getting Married! by Ken Setterington
When Rosie finds out her Mom and Mum are getting married, she immediately begins thinking of ways she can be involved in the ceremony. After some convincing, her mothers decide that she and her brother can carry the rings and scatter flower petals. On the big day, there are some nerves, but everything goes off without a hitch.

Daddy, Papa, and Me and Mommy, Mama, and Me by Leslea Newman
For your littlest readers, Leslea Newman’s Daddy, Papa, and Me and Mommy, Mama, and Me boardbooks depict a baby enjoying activities like playing and cooking with their mothers and fathers.

This Day in June by Gale E. Pitman
This simple, yet educational picture book describes the joy, love, and fun found during Pride celebrations. From the costumes to the floats to the performers, this simple book can give your youngest readers a peek at Pride parades. In the back of the book, excerpts are included to explain the different sights and sounds of the parade in greater detail.

The Family Book by Todd Parr
In this illustrated picture book, Parr talks about how families can be made up of more than just a mother and father, and that not all families look the same. But that doesn't mean they don't enjoy the same things like celebrating special days together and hugging each other. Families by Shelley Rotner sends a similar message, only in this case, photos of real families are used, as opposed to illustrations.

Donovan’s Big Day by Leslea Newman
This story follows Donovan through a very special day. From the moment he wakes up, he is reminded of the very important job: he has as the ring bearer in the wedding for Mommy and Mama. He must get ready, eat a good breakfast, and keep the rings safe as he walks down the aisle.

Home at Last by Vera B. Williams
Lester has finally been adopted! When his new dads pick him up and bring him home, he is excited, but still nervous and trying to adjust to his new life with parents again. He often gets lonely and sneaks into bed with his dads. Eventually, Lester and his new parents learn to adjust to their new lives together.