Personal Archiving and the dc1968 Project

Mt. Pleasant Library

Personal Archiving and the dc1968 Project

Tuesday, July 18, 2017, 6:30 p.m.

The 50th anniversary of 1968 is right around the corner. Marya Annette McQuirter, a native Washingtonian and historian, is producing a history of DC in 1968. Join us to learn about her project.

Want to contribute to dc1968? Bring your 1968 photographs, yearbooks, report cards, church bulletins, letters, diaries, holiday cards and more. Get your items scanned and return them safely home armed with the knowledge of how to correctly preserve them for future generations.

During this workshop, you will also learn basic concepts and practices for preserving photos, papers, and memorabilia. Create a plan for your personal archive - the stuff on paper, on your devices, and in the cloud. There are simple things you can do now to keep your memories alive.

*Photo source: Dig DC | Darrell C. Crain, Jr. Photograph Collection | Wading in Lincoln Memorial Reflecting Pool near Resurrection City, 1968.