School Here We Come!

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School Here We Come!

 It is that time of year again, the beginning of a new school year. For some parents and children this tradition has become routine, and for others it is the very first stage of growing and going to school for the very first time.  This joyous list of  books is sure to help parents calm children of their first day jitters and show them how much fun they will have on their first day of school and onward.
The Pout-Pout Fish Goes to School - Deborah Diesen
Mr. Fish reminisces about the first day of school, about how he got lost on his way, had trouble writing his name, drawing shapes, and counting until he met Ms. Hewitt and she taught  the class everything they needed to know to succeed in school.

Mouse's First Day of School - Lauren Thompson
One morning, Mouse discovered a whole new world of things such as blocks, toy cars, drum sets, ABC books, dolls, paint, crayons, snacks, puzzles, and giggly children. 
Mr Ouchy’s First Day - B.G Hennessy
Sometimes not only is it the first day of school for children but for teachers as well, and this book is about Mr. Ouchy’s first day of school and his curious Kindergarten class.
Monkey Not Ready for Kindergarten - Marc Brown
Monkey is not ready for Kindergarten. He has a lot of what ifs, such as what if he gets on the wrong bus, and what if they don’t have red crayons.  Monkey has decided he does not need to go to Kindergarten because he can count to twelve, but his friends encourage him to go because of all the cool things they will do in school.
On the First Day of Kindergarten - Tish Rabe
Share a little girl's first day school journey, from her first bus ride, making new friends, counting, painting, singing, and playing at recess.
Vera’s First Day of School - Vera Rosenberry
Vera is a big girl at last because it is time for her to go to school. She is so excited, but quickly becomes overcome with fear when her big sisters leave her on the playground before the school bell rings with lots of children she doesn't know.  Vera becomes so nervous that she runs all the way back home.  Vera’s mom dries her tears and takes her back to school where she is able to be introduced to a smaller setting. In the end Vera has great day.
What Did You Do Today - Toby Forward
Highlights all the preparations for the first day of school and first day of school activities all they way up until the end of school day when you see your parents smiling faces.
School’s First Day of School - Adam Rex
Not only do children and teachers have a first day of school, but in this story a school has a first day of school. The new school has just been built and it is ready to welcome the children to a whole new world of learning and fun-filled days.

Vera's New School - Vera Rosenberry
In this charming story Vera has moved to a new city and will be attending a new school. Going to a new school can be challenging, but in this story we will learn what Vera does to help her overcome her fears.

Froggy Goes to School - Jonathan London
In this lovely tale Froggy is so excited about the first day of school that he can't wait to get there to tell everyone about his exciting summer.