Chasing the Eclipse

Shepherd Park/Juanita E. Thornton Library

Chasing the Eclipse

On August 21, there will be a total solar eclipse covering the continental United States for the first time since 1979. Here are two new titles about the eclipse for your reading pleasure and making the most of your viewing experience. Copies of the books are available to check out and download from the library system.

American Eclipse by David Baron
In July 1878, America's leading scientists and curiosity seekers gathered in the western states and territories to document the eclipse. Best selling science journalist David Baron mixes history and science writing to capture the dangers and excitement of the phenomenon and influence the future of American science.

Totality by Mark Littman and Fred Espenak
Everything you wanted to know about solar eclipses is in this book!  You'll read about how solar eclipses were recorded and perceived in history, myth and folklore, how an eclipse occurs, and more.  Also, the authors provide tips about how to photograph and view an eclipse safely.  Further information about past and future eclipses are included in the appendices.

Wherever you view and photograph the eclipse, have fun and enjoy safely!
~Elisa Babel, Adult Librarian