DC Public Library FY2011 Budget Essentially Flat

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DC Public Library FY2011 Budget Essentially Flat

Maintains Hours; Funds New Libraries

The DC Public Library fiscal year 2011 proposed budget is essentially flat with a decrease of about $170,000 over the fiscal year 2010 budget. This budget allows the library to maintain its current hours and provide the resources needed for the new libraries.  Seven new libraries open in fiscal year 2011 and three this year with Benning Neighborhood Library opening Monday, April 5, Anacostia Library opening later this month and Watha T. Daniel/Shaw opening this summer.

“The Mayor and City Council have tough choices to make with next year’s budget,” said DC Public Library Chief Librarian Ginnie Cooper.  “We are grateful for their commitment to libraries and the important role we play in supporting public education.”

The Library’s proposed FY2011 budget is $35.8 million compared to $39.9 million in FY2010.  About $4 million will be transferred into a citywide central fund for fixed costs to pay for items such as utilities and telecommunications.

The library will have reductions in the FY2011 budget. The book budget will decrease by $500,000; the library will reduce training and tuition support; current vacancies will not be filled, and some filled positions may have to be eliminated.

“These are tough times and libraries across the country are impacted,” added Cooper. “Even with these reductions, the library is committed to continuing to provide District residents with the service they need and expect.”

The new or renovated libraries opening in FY2011 are: Georgetown, Tenley-Friendship, Mt. Pleasant, Petworth, Francis Gregory and Washington Highlands libraries.
Libraries are open seven days a week, with neighborhood libraries open Mon. to Sat. and Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Library open Sun. to Sat.