Comments from Capitol View Community Meeting

Comments from Capitol View Community Meeting

July 19, 2017 Meeting

On July 19, 2017, the Library hosted a meeting to update the community on the project, and to discuss the additional $2.7 million that has been approved for the exterior portion of the project as well as the opening of an interim location. Following is compilation of comments and questions that addressed three main themes:

-Construction Update & Timeline
-Interim Services
-Exterior Design Goals & Discussion


-Provide a Sense of arrival
-Façade Re-make
-Reconnect site to the neighborhood
Will we put updated signage outside the library with new opening date?

The Library will create a separate sign directing people to Interim Services when those become available.

Have you heard back from St. Luke's Catholic Church regarding space for interim services? Summer is almost over at this point.

When will the modular/interim at J.C. Nalle Elementary School open?

Will there be source of power? Will it be a generator?

Can you elaborate more about what will be offered in the modular/interim space?
-small collection, tables and chairs, computers

What is the capacity of an interim space?

How many work stations can be allowed? Will there be a children’s reading area? Please elaborate on programs that will be offered.
-There will be space for children, teens and adults.

Is there a reason why the trailer is going to be smaller than the one at Woodridge?
-We are trying to be cost effective so that as much money goes into the new building as possible.

Are you considering doing a green roof?

I really do like the plans. My concern is what is in our budget? Can we have all of those things? Can we have art and landscaping?

I want to add that it is important for the neighborhood to have some green space and some floral elements. It is also important for the façade to look modern. I was at the Benning Library recently and it already looked old already.

I like the design approach you are taking. Our neighborhood needs a place like that with seating outdoors.

The green is good if you have the money to maintain it. I worry that it is not maintainable. I would rather put the resources toward improving the façade. I don’t like exiting out of the parking lot onto Central Ave. It is much safer to exit onto the side street.

I am not clear on how you are soliciting our advice. The reason why I ask is that in couple of months, we are going to see designs.

What I would like to suggest is we go through each element so that we can pin point the most popular ideas.

What about enlarging the windows as part of the exterior renovation? And what are you planning to do at the front in terms of changing up the entrance? This is why we asked to have the phases done together. Now we are being told that we can’t enlarge the windows.

The building to get significantly more light with the replaced windows.
-To go back now and do it over, we would spend a big portion of the budget. The new layout will really give you more light.

If they can achieve a brighter effect without replacing windows, I am OK with that.

Bigger windows also may require more security precautions.

The windows on the second floor are much smaller than what you see on most modern buildings.

On the second floor, you can’t see out the windows unless you stand up.

Will you do something to recognize the historical landmark of the library? To what extent are you incorporating the culture of the community into the plans? I would like to see that thought about.

Is artwork something the Friends of the Library can help with?

The library is actually located in the Marshall Heights neighborhood. Have something reflecting that.

Could you make the exit/entrance to the parking lot on the side street?

While there is a curb cut there, you could not get approval for it now. It is too close to the corner. It would be tight for a trash truck to pull in and out.

Is there any way to make the roof accessible to have educational programs?

I understand that two additional FTEs were put into our budget. What does that look like? How many staff did you have before? How many will you have in the new building?

Interim services – when exactly do you think the space will open? I thought they moved up the funding so that things could get started sooner. You all should be going through the procurement process now so that by Oct. 1 we are ready to go.

I just want to be clear with the timeline. This is a learning experience for the community. The next time, we will know more what to expect.

I agree that the windows should be enlarged on the upper level. Is it possible to have glass panels? The information about the outside is important, but I would want to make sure no money is spared for the inside. Updated bathrooms. Interior aesthetic design.
In place of the greenery on the roof, I was just at a library in Sterling, VA. They have a skylight in the ceiling. It brings in a lot of light.

What is the possibility that we could have a skylight?

In terms of signage, presence is big. No one knows the library is there. Make sure the Capitol View signage is vibrant and bold.

Is there a librarian on the team? A lot of sun does damage to books.

Space for activities – in Arlington they have an extensive space for programs. Can you explain where programming space will be?

Right now, I don’t go to the library because I don’t feel like there is a reason other than books that I want to go. Make sure there are other things for adults to do.

Meeting space in the library – I hope it has been expanded. The small study spaces at Benning are two small.

One thing I enjoyed at MLK Library were the maps of the city. I always thought it would be cool to have some of the maps of our neighborhood available in the library. True Washingtonians are adamant about wanting to tell the story of the neighborhood.

Closure on the windows – it was one of the core concerns. We appreciate that the budget is a concern, but if we could get at least some expansion of the front windows, I think that would appease us a little.

Lighting. Can you prove that you will have enough light without expanding the windows?

Is there going to be a change in the entrance way?

As a community, when will we have a set list of deliverables for both the interior and exterior? As a community we are asking that we receive a solid list of deliverables that we can expect.

Build out of the front of the library.

Façade. Make it modern.

Goal should be modern. Our neighborhood is changing for the better. We don’t want to go ten years back.

Consider vertical metal fins for the front of the building like the Tenley Library.

Cover the brick with something more interesting.

The building needs to have a presence on all sides. People come to the library from different directions.

Make façade Modern and artistic.

Design something bold. Geometric. That inspires.

But that doesn’t match other buildings in the neighborhood.

Is there a way to make the September meeting offer choices? Or we could review choices in advance and come prepared to respond?

Landscaping around the building is really important.

Stones are a safety hazard. People could get hurt.

Seating area where people could congregate or even hold a meeting outdoors

Green, but some seasonal color. Maybe flower boxes by the benches

I love the green walls (vertical garden). I want to take a selfie with that. That’s a hit.

Will the green wall be green all year round?

Can there be green space at the entrance?

There is a bus stop right in front of the library. Sometimes people sit on the planter.

Will there be an entrance to the rear of the library? Or do you have go around?

Will there be cameras for security?

Will there be lighting in the seating?

I have to walk by there now and at night it is dark. In terms of security, keep it light.

I think you have thought about everything (safety, security). I like to keep it on a positive spin. The experts are the library and the architects. We are here in partnership to make sure we get this thing right. I like that the library is going to be coming outside. I don’t see a rock, I see a boy sitting on a rock.

Please improve the signage in front of the library.