Challenge Accepted: Read Harder 2017

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Challenge Accepted: Read Harder 2017

Challenge #20: Read an LGBTQ+ Romance Novel

2017 is here and a new year means new year resolutions and challenges. One reading challenge that I love to do is Book Riot’s Read Harder challenge. Instead of having people focus on a specific number of books, Read Harder challenges people to read different genres or authors that they may overlook. This year, there are 24 prompts for readers. This read feed will address the twentieth challenge, to read an LGBTQ+ romance novel. LBGTQ+ romance is a genre that is growing. A complete list of challenges can be found here.

Aristotle and Dante discover the secrets of the universe by Benjamin Alire Saenz (YA)
When Aristotle and Dante first meet at the pool, they feel like they have nothing in common except for one thing: they’re bored. Aristotle is angry most of the time and Dante doesn’t know when to shut up. But as they get to know each other, they realize that they not only have things in common, but that they found someone that they can really connect with. This book also makes a great audiobook, with Lin-Manuel Miranda as the narrator!

Bliss by Fiona Zedde
Bliss can divide her life into two phases: before Regina and after Regina. After their amazing affair goes sour, Bliss decides to leave her glamorous life in Atlanta and take a summer to go back to Jamaica to rest and reconnect with her roots. As Bliss relaxes and takes in all the beautiful scenery and the nightlife, she also realizes that she’s ready for everything - including the women - that Jamaica has to offer. 

Fat Angie by E. Charlton Trujillo (YA) 
Angie is just trying to get by. The only real attention she gets in school are from bullies that harass her about her weight, and she is holding onto the hope that her captured sister is still alive and not KIA. In the middle of this dogpile of pain comes KC, who actually sees and appreciates Angie. Can Angie and KC get past their own hangups and find a way to make it work? 

Fingersmith by Sarah Waters
Sue Trinder thought she was doomed to have a lonely existence at Mrs. Sucksby’s- left to care after forgotten infants like herself and the thieves, or fingersmiths- forever. When a fingersmith going by the moniker “The Gentleman” offers Sue the opportunity to escape she takes it. All she has to do is help The Gentleman seduce and con a naive rich woman. But when Sue starts developing feelings for Maud Lily she realizes this may be more difficult than she thought.

One Man Guy by Michael Barakiva (YA) 

When his parents offer to take him out to dinners, Alek knows that something was wrong and he is proven right when his parents tell him that he will be in summer school. Bummer. But summer school isn’t so bad, because summer school brings him Ethan. Ethan is confident, cool, and seems to want to be Alek’s friend. Maybe even more than Alek’s friend. As Ethan inspires Alek to try new things and make new friends, he also makes him realize who he’s been his whole life.

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