Staff Visioning Exercise for the New Southwest Library

Staff Visioning Exercise for the New Southwest Library

Imagine it’s the Grand Opening of the new Southwest Neighborhood Library. You are waiting to go inside....Describe in one word how you feel upon entering your new Library for the first time.

-welcoming (again)

After a good discussion, the group distilled these down to 4 words:
-Community (red)
-Creative (green)
-Dynamic (blue)
-Welcoming (yellow)

What other hopes do you have for the design of the new Southwest Library?

While I agree that we need spaces that feel tranquil, we need to balance that with spaces for kids to be excited and active.

Teens really need their own space in the library. They don’t want to be treated as kids, but the adults don’t always appreciate their presence.

We used to have a gardening program that was really popular. It would be nice to have a space where the community could come together around this type of activity.

Need hangout spaces; places to sit

Need different kinds of seating options

Need multi-functional spaces

I’d like to see lots of color. Creative spaces

The library should be modern, but feel cozy and comfortable at the same time

We need spaces that welcome 2 different types of users and allow them to occupy the same space comfortably

The library should be self-guided. It should be clear where things are and what customers are supposed to do. They shouldn’t always have to ask for help.

You want to give the illusion of cozy without being TOO cozy, if you know what I mean.

Glassy. Warm. The library should draw you in from outside. You should want to go investigate what is inside

It would be great to have a portable maker space or flexible space for creative programs

We need more study rooms (this was a popular comment from the group)