Who Said Books Need Words?

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Who Said Books Need Words?

Indulge in these fantastic wordless picture books!

Wordless picture books are a fantastic format to boost children’s literacy skills and to foster a rich imagination. These books allow children to interpret the illustrations and create their own stories as they “read” the book – one book can have countless stories within it! They also reinforce the fact that pictures tell as much of a story as words do, they help children develop storytelling skills, and when you “read” the book with them, you can introduce them to a plethora of new vocabulary.

For your younger readers, these books have rich illustrations, but are also simple enough to not overwhelm the child as they are interpreting them.
The Treasure Bath by Dan Andreasen
This book takes bath time to another level as a little boy goes on an underwater adventure in his own bathtub!
The Farmer and the Clown by Marla Frazee
While farming his land, an old farmer notices someone fall off the back of a moving train. The farmer runs over to help, and does his best to make the stranger feel at home.
South by Patrick McDonnell
A little bird has dozed off and wakes up to find his fellow birds have flown away! Will he be able to find them?
The Lion and the Mouse by Jerry Pinkney
This classic tale of helping out a friend in need, no matter how big or small, has been brought to life by Pinkney’s award-winning illustrations.
Breakfast for Jack by Pat Schories
Jack is trying to get his little owner’s attention, but he’s a bit distracted! Will his little owner notice before he leaves the house?

For more mature readers, these titles have the potential for more complex storytelling, while still being visually stunning.

The Other Side by Istvan Banyai
A clown peeks from behind a curtain. A child stares into a swimming pool.  But what’s on the other side of the curtain and the pool? Banyai shows illustrations from different perspectives with fun pops of colors.
Flashlight by Lizi Boyd
A young child is camping in the forest. As he shines his flashlight, he gets a glimpse of what’s going on outside of his tent.
Rainstorm by Barbara Lehman
When it’s raining outside, adventure can be found inside! A hidden key leads to excitement, exploration, and new friendships.
Chalk by Bill Thomson
A group of children find a bag of magic chalk! All of their drawings, big and small, safe and dangerous, come to life!
Flotsam by David Wiesner
A young boy at the beach finds a time-capsule of sorts that has washed up on the shore. Inside, the boy sees an aquatic world that he has never known before.