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These books are perfect for all the horror fanatics of the world, and even better that all of  these books listed have movies that I am sure horror fans will enjoy.

Escape From Asylum - Madeline Roux
Ricky Desmond’s parents have sent him to an asylum because they feel that is only way Ricky can be cured of his devious ways.  Being in an asylum is the least of Ricky's worries with all the horrific acts that go on within the asylum. Ricky will be lucky just to escape the asylum with his sanity and his life.

Frankenstein - Mary Shelley
Victor Frankenstein devises a plan to re-create and reanimate a dead body. He uses a combination of chemistry, alchemy, and electricity to make his ambition a reality.  Even though Victor’s creation is a success, it comes with tragic results.

The Silence of the Lambs - Thomas Harris
The infamous Dr. Hannibal Lector is an imprisoned psychiatrist, locked away in maximum security isolation for being a serial killer who cannibalized his victims. FBI trainee Clarice Starling must match wits with Lector, who has the darkest of all minds, and trust him in order to give her clues in the search for "Buffalo Bill",  an unknown, unstoppable psychopathic serial killer before he strikes again.

The Wolfman - Nicholas Pekearo
Marlowe Higgins has had a hard life. Since being dishonorably discharged after a tour in Vietnam, moving from town to town, and going wherever the wind takes him. He can’t stay in one place too long because every full moon, he kills someone. Fortunately, Marlow has found a way to use his unfortunate curse for good: he only kills bad people.

It - Stephen King
A demonic clown named Pennywise is terrorizing and killing children in the small town of Derry. Pennywise taunts seven childhood friends into their adulthood.  When the friends return to Derry after 27 years for a visit they learn that Pennywise is once again back up to terrorizing children, so the friends must push their fear aside and devise a plan to destroy Pennywise forever before he seeks out another victim.