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Sit and Stay

Dog Stories with a Lesson

Many people adore dogs. It’s no surprise dogs have begun to show up in schools, libraries, hospitals, senior centers and other places where their calm nature is put to work lifting spirits and building confidence. In a 2009 study of the SitStayRead program, a literacy project that brings therapy dogs into Chicago's public elementary schools, researchers saw a 20 percent increase in oral reading fluency among the 152 second graders studied. Not only did students improve their reading skills, they were calmer, more comfortable and more secure after spending time reading aloud to dogs. 

Snatch up some of these dog story favorites that teach all of us new tricks and snuggle up with man's best friend.  Also, check out the calendar here for People Animals Love dog story times hosted at a DC Public Library branch nearest you. 

Hello, Goodbye Dog
By Maria Gianferrari
Moose, Zara’s faithful companion, loves to say “hello” but not “goodbye.”  Goodbye is “tug without war, hide without seek.”  

Determined to spend all day with Zara, Moose eventually gets trained as a therapy dog and says “hello” more often than “goodbye.” A lovely book to read in schools, libraries, and hospitals where therapy dogs work.    
Nico & Lola: Kindness Shared between a Boy and a Dog
By Meggan Hill
A young boy learns about helping others by taking care of his aunt’s pug Lola. 
Excellent Ed
By Stacy McAnulty
Ed lives with a family of high achievers.  Everyone except Ed has skills, but Ed couldn’t find his special gifts.  This family dog discovers he’s perfect just the way he is.
Sally Gets a Job
By Stephen Huneck
Sally, the black Lab, thinks about what job she ought to have. She doesn’t realize she already has the best job ever – taking care of her family.  Other picture books about Sally can be found here
Goodnight, Good Dog
By Mary Lyn Ray
Like kids, some dogs aren’t sleepy when it’s bedtime. They’re awake when everyone else is sleeping.  So curl up, Good Dog, sleeping brings sweet dreams and a new day.   
Norman, Speak!
By Caroline Adderson
Norman had been at the shelter the longest of any dog.  At first, it appeared he wasn’t very smart, but that’s not true. Norman understands only Chinese. Find out what his new family does to make Norman feel at home.

Not Afraid of Dogs
by Suzanna Pitzer
Daniel is brave - snakes, spiders, and thunderstorms don’t scare him.  But dogs do. What’s he going to do when his aunt’s dog comes to stay at his house? Daniel faces his fears and discovers that sometimes dogs are afraid too.  Humorous watercolor illustrations and a great ending make for a wonderful read again and again.

Nellie Belle
By Mem Fox
A sing-able rhyming book by acclaimed children’s author Mem Fox shows us all the fun places Nellie Belle plays, but, in the end, her favorite spot is home with Ted. 

Buster, the Very Shy Dog
By Lisze Bechtold
Buster is extremely shy and not good at everything, like Phoebe, Roger’s other dog.  Buster finds out that dogs are a lot like people – everyone has hidden talents.  Look for Buster’s other tales in the Early Reader Series section. 
Officer Buckle and Gloria
By Peggy Rathman
This Caldecott Medal book never fails to earn chuckles from kids because Gloria is one special dog. She is Officer Buckle’s partner at all his school safety talks. When Officer Buckle finds out why Gloria is such a hit, he decides to stop coming to the schools.  He changes his mind when he remembers to “stick with your buddy,” which is Safety Tip #101. 
The Art of Racing in the Rain: My Life as a Dog
By Garth Stein
I always tell middle readers that this book will make them laugh and cry. This adaptation of the best-selling adult novel of the same name centers around Enzo, a lovable mutt who loves car racing the way most dogs love car chasing. Told from Enzo’s perspective, this is a tale of love, loss, heroism, and learning that life is short, so enjoy each day.