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Teen Reader's Advisory

Tenley-Friendship Library is proud to announce that one of the teens from the Tenley area who participated in the Teen Summer Reading Program and Teen Book Review Contest won that contest with her excellent review of Monster by Walter Dean Myers. With their permission, we have posted the review below.  We hope you enjoy it, and that it inspires you to check out this title and the many others we have at DC Public Library. 

One Is Innocent Until Proven Guilty
Review of Monster by Walter Dean Myers

By Skyler C.

Monster by Walter Dean Myers is written as a screenplay. One would think that writing a book as a screenplay would leave out many of the characters internal thoughts, but Myers perfectly conveys the uncertainty and fear of Steve Harmon, leaving much to love about this award-winning book.

Sixteen year old Steve Harmon has been put on trial for a felony murder, with his supposed accomplice James King. Steve and James are accused of entering 55-year-old Alguinaldo Nesbitt’s drug store and killing him. Suddenly Steve is thrown into the world of court and crime, and throughout this, he has to ask himself: Am I innocent or am I guilty?

Steve Harmon is a greatly written character, because he makes you think about yourself. Steve’s story and his first person perspective make you think about who you are and how you have conducted your life and yourself. Near the end of the book, Steve writes: “I want to know who I am. I want to know the road to panic that I took, I want to see myself a thousand times to look for one true image.” This makes you wonder about what you have been doing and what kind of person you are. Are you a good person? What makes a good person? And who do you see when you look in the mirror? While reading the book you find yourself asking the same questions as Steve. Are you fooling yourself? Are you really the type of person you want to be? While it may seem a bit cheesy, Steve Harmon makes up look at ourselves and ask: Who am I?

There are two types of books in this world, the kind that leaves you fulfilled and completed, and the books that leave a gaping hole in you. The best kind are the latter. Walter Dean Myers has constructed a wonderful book that will make you ask questions about yourself and the very basis of life itself.