Southwest Library Sept. 26 Meeting Community Comments

Southwest Library Sept. 26 Meeting Community Comments

Southwest Library Community Meeting
Sept. 26, 2017
Q: Will there be a diminishment of services during the interim services period?
A: Typically, interim libraries are small. We pack them with as many of the core library services that we can (books, computers, etc.) The interim library comes out of the project budget. We want to invest as much money as possible into the new building.

I would like to suggest that you conduct focus groups with young adults in this neighborhood. Their needs are different.

Q: Have you done anything with the schools to be sure the kids have someplace to go during the summer while the library is being rebuilt? If you haven’t had conversations with the schools, you need to.
A: We have hosted focus groups with parents. We are working on scheduling additional focus groups with the schools.
I was told that this library would never have laptops. With MLK Library closed for a couple of years, there seems to be an increased demand for computers.

We’re surrounded by a gigantic construction project. Can this library be something like a citadel for the community? Is there going to be something unique about the new library?

I notice that teen services space is going down. I want to be sure that you provide space to accommodate teens, especially from Jefferson Middle School.

Will one of these rooms be a quiet room where people are not supposed to be talking loudly or be on their cell phones?

Will the multi-purpose room be open all the time or only for programs?

The Arlington Public Library has spaces where it is completely quiet.

Q: All these new people are coming to this neighborhood. Don’t we need a bigger library?
A: Relative to other libraries, SOW is actually a fairly low traffic library. This building will be plenty big to serve the increasing population.

There are differences in the types of uses. The multi-purpose room currently is not supervised by staff. Yoga class is not supervised. A lot of the space that is going to be needed is going to be non-library use. That has to be planned for. I would encourage you to reconsider adding a third floor whether it is above ground or not.

The new Shaw Library – I’m impressed by how the small study rooms are used. Is there any possibility to have that type of room in this library?

Will there be parking?

Will books all be on the second floor? Will you have the same amount of space for books in the new building as the current library?
If the multi-purpose room is open after hours, will there be access to bathrooms?

If the stairwell is open, will there be a cordoned off area in the children’s area for story time and other noisy events?

Is it too late to begin thinking about an external design which aesthetically and architecturally will be so unique that people will be drawn from all over to come here?

There is a real bias against cars, but you have some people who cannot walk.

Maybe the parking can be flexible. It could be used as parking sometimes and be used as a plaza at other times. I think being able to use the parking for something else is very sensible.

The permeable surface sounds like a good idea.

You really do have to chain off the parking when the library is closed or control access to it.

Is there any water element in the park that we would see from the library?

What about geothermal? Are you considering the use of it in the design?

Q: What is the square footage of the meeting room compared to the current room?
A: The proposed new room is 1,800 square feet. The current room is 1,500.

There are a lot of organizations that need a smaller meeting room. They need rooms for 10-12. Meeting rooms are in high demand in this neighborhood.

Why can’t we ask The Wharf to provide some meeting spaces?

I think the idea of putting solar panels on the side of the building sounds awful.

Is there enough space for the Friends of the Library for storage for their book sales?

I think you strike a good balance on the parking. Not everyone needs it. Is there are way to make the upper lever cantilever out over the parking to make space for more?

Need a backdoor entrance/exit from the parking lot.

Make the staircase blue like a river, maybe with a mobile at the top.