Abby H.

Abby H

"If I wrote an autobiography, its title would be: 'Tell Me If This Is TMI.'"

What I Do When I'm Not at the Library: 
Outside these hallowed halls of knowledge, entertainment and community, I read, write (fiction and blogging), play guitar or mandolin, knit, crochet, write snail mail, hang out with my cat and binge-watch teen drama television shows.
My Passion:
I love surprising folks with answers to questions they couldn't findthat and a passion for reader's advisory are the two main reasons I'm a librarian. 
Something Unique About Me:
Very occasionally, I unintentionally slip into a Canadian accent. Even though (or is it because?) I'm from southern New Hampshire.
If I Wrote an Autobiography, its Title Would Be:
Tell Me If This Is TMI

The Best Book of All Time: 
War for the Oaks by Emma Bull
Top Five Favorite Books: Genres: 
  • Fiction/Realistic Fiction: Biographical Fiction, Coming of Age, Contemporary, Mystery, Retellings, Sibling Loss, Thrillers
  • Paranormal: Faeries, Fantastical Beings of Folklore, Magic, Urban Fantasy
  • Romance: Contemporary, Fantasy, Historical, Science Fiction
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