Comments from Community Meeting

Comments from Community Meeting

Exterior renovation options for Capitol View Library

Capitol View Library Community Meeting Comments
Can the adults use the computer learning center when classes are not being taught?

When the shelves that are below the windows have to be moved to expand the windows, will they be relocated?
Yes. The shelves below the window were designed to be display shelving, so we aren’t losing space for lots of books?

Will there be outlets at the exterior tables?
We can include some exterior outlets.

Why close the library and move to an interim for phase 2? Why can’t all the work be done at the same time?
We don’t have permits for the exterior work yet. The interior is complete, so it would be just sitting here ready to open for months.

Are trash containers built into the front of the building?
Yes, there will be trash cans outside.

What about the back area? Will there be any parking? Will there be a renovation to the parking area?
We will repave and clean up the parking area. There was a feeling from the community that we should concentrate our improvements on the front of the library.

What about the fencing out back?
We are removing the fencing.

Is there some kind of historical significance to the flag pole? Why are we emphasizing it as a feature? It used to be a place to sit, but now there will be more seating.

The screening – I don’t think the designs you are proposing say anything about this community or about books. Have you thought about something else?

Are you familiar with the lagoon that is out front?
That is actually a bio-retension area that handles all the storm water on the site.
We will be planting water-tolerant plants to fill that area in. It will be a green area. It is supposed to drain.

Option 2 reminds me of the African American History Museum. It’s great.

When you open, will you have programs for toddlers?
Yes, we will have programs for children every week.

We would prefer that you open the interim library before you close for the second phase of work.

Thank you for your presentation tonight. It is an improvement. Which four windows are the ones that you are enlarging? Are you saying you are not going to enlarge any other windows?
We will enlarge two windows on the 1st floor and two on the 2nd floor.

Is there any reason why you are not enlarging more windows? Why aren’t you expanding the windows by the side of the entrance?
We are concentrating on the windows that will maximize impact. Also, the north side of the building is the best for adding bigger windows.

How are you getting input from the community? Are you planning to do something to get additional input in the next week?
We are hoping to get feedback from the community tonight. We want to hear from you about which approach folks prefer.

How long will it take to do the exterior renovation?
12 weeks.

Is there a contingency plan if the weather doesn’t permit you to stick to the 12-week plan?
The interim will stay open as long as the work continues even if the work takes longer than expected.

I do want the community to have input on something that our tax dollars are paying for and something that we will have to live with for a long time. You need to get real community input.

Can we go back to the discussion around interim services? It was vocalized that we were prefer stability. There is still some opaqueness. Next week you go to the ANC. Best case scenario you approval. Then you go to CFA. Can we get your assurance that you will not just keep this library open instead of moving to the interim location?
We are fully committed to opening the interim library.

Will you have security at the interim location?
Yes, there will be security.

Are we having security at this location?
Yes. We have security at all of our locations at we deploy our officers where they are needed.

How were the 2.5 additional FTEs allocated to this library?
Because we expanded public service to the 2nd floor of this library, we need more staff. The half-time person will likely focus on digital literacy programs in the training lab.

Until we filed this lawsuit against you, none of this was scheduled. Interim services had been delayed. Everything that had been promised never appeared. Once we filed the lawsuit, suddenly everything appeared. What makes you think that we should trust what you say is really going to happen. I am asking for a commitment that you are really going to do this.
We are delivering what we have promised. I know that the timing is not always to everyone’s liking, but we are on track.

Transparency is what we need.

The community worked hard to get the funds for the interim. You have to understand that the social contract with this community has been compromised. This project should have had more funding from the beginning. You need to understand the frustrations of this neighborhood.

What programs will you be implementing here?
Story time. We try to customize the programming to the community. If you have thoughts about other programs you would like, please share them.

What about stuff during the evening? Could there be technology programming for the teens?

You need tutors in the new library.

I have been to a lot of the meetings and I really appreciate the presentation. But I want to see all of the promises kept.

Opening the building and then closing it again is not the most efficient way to complete a project.

I like the silver finish. This corner needs to be bright.

I prefer the symmetrical one (Option 1), but either is fine.

I like the more dramatic one (Option 2). It makes a statement.