Southwest Library Dec. 14 Community Meeting

Southwest Library Dec. 14 Community Meeting

Questions & Comments

Will there be story time for children at the interim library location?
The interim will be small, but the librarians will continue to do some children's story times. In addition, we will look for locations in the community where programs might be held.

Will all of the books currently at the library be transferred to the interim library?
Because the interim will be smaller than the permanent library, only a portion of the books will move to the interim.

Will we be able to place books on hold to pick up at the interim library?

You are cutting building services. Do you lose any functionality in the reduction? Do we gain any functionality?
The new building systems are much more efficient and do not require as much space.

What functions will take place in the Market Place indicated on the floor plans?
Popular items, magazines, holds, and other items that customers want to grab quickly

Is there a partition for the story time space?
large story times will be held in the meeting room.

Is there a way to put the family bathroom closer to the children’s area?
We can look at this and see if it can be moved.

How far is the setback for the front door?
20 feet

Will there still be dedicated men’s and women’s bathrooms?

How many linear feet will you have for books and how does that compare to the current library?
It will be close to current, but slightly reduced. In part because we want to lower the stack height. We anticipate that the continued expanded use of ebooks will mean that the collection will be plenty big.

Where will the public computers be and how many will there be?
The adult computers will be located at the the top of the stairs. The current plan shows 12 desktop for adults and 10 for children. Teens will also have dedicated computers. In addition, there will be laptops available for customers to use in the library.

I like physical books. I like walking through the stacks and seeing the possibilities. It looks like I won’t have very good reading choice in this new library. Seems like the new central library will have the same problem.

Will there be only one staff service point on the 2nd floor?
We’ve accounted for a roving spot in the teen area as well.

I am dismayed that we will have fewer books given that this neighborhood is about to explode.
Increasingly, what we are seeing is people place holds on materials to get what they want delivered. The real issue is the size of the overall collections budget.

With children’s on the first floor and the open area that connects to the second floor, will noise from the children disturb the customers upstairs? We don't want to have to worry about constantly shushing our children.
There will be an acoustic separation at the edge of the children’s area.

Will there still be DVDs?
If DVDs are still in the Library collection, Southwest will have them.

Will there be outlets on the floor in the meeting rooms?

Did you design parcel 10 at the Wharf, because this design looks just like the phase two of that project? Do you need all of the columns to hold up the roof? They are very big.
No, that was a different architect.

Is the underside of the roof visible from inside the adult reading room?
Yes, it has a wood finish that will be visible.

My concern about the front door is the fact that it is a little covered over. It could provide a haven for people to hang out who we don’t want to be there. I’m worried about drugs deals or the homeless hanging out there. I’m talking about this type of thing happening after hours, not during the time that the library is open.

Will there be a gate or something to keep people from parking there?

I thought you were going to retain the children’s garden on the K Street side. What happened to that?
That could be located on the south side of the building adjacent to the children’s terrace.

Is the children’s terrace accessible from the outside so that someone could try to sleep there at night?
It has a guardrail around it and it is raised up a bit. We could look at a vine screen or some feature to make it more protected.

Will there be bicycle racks?
Yes. And we are in discussion with Capital Bike Share about possibly locating a bike share station outside the library.

Will there be any storage capacity for the solar power?
The solar system is still in design development.

What is the size of the Friends room?
Currently, it is about 212 square feet. There could still be some tweaks to that size.