Haiku Contest Winners

Cleveland Park Library

Haiku Contest Winners

Congratulations, and Thanks to All Who Entered!

In celebration of National Poetry Month and the National Cherry Blossom Festival, the Cleveland Park Neighborhood Library is pleased to announce the winners of our 2010 Haiku Contest. 

Many wonderful poems were submitted. We had a tie in the Adult Category!  Here is the first:

Dark.  The garden sleeps.
Then one by one lights blink on:
Firefly Fiesta!

     -Sharon L. Barry

Our second winner in the adult category is dedicated to foster mothers:

The more they tap their
kindness supply, like fish and
loaves, it multiplies.

     -Anne Elizabeth Tom

The 2010 winner in the children's category:

A boat just went by,
past the shining stars it goes,
all through the long night.

     -Olivia G.

No teen submissions were entered… Next year?

CONGRATULATIONS WINNERS – with appreciation to all who entered!