Grin and Beer It

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Grin and Beer It

A guide to beer appreciation

Beer is quite possibly the world's most popular alcoholic beverage, brewed from a wide variety of grains and flavored with an amazing array of ingredients, ranging from herbs and berries to spices and botanicals. Whether you're a novice or a seasoned beer drinker, these books will definitely boost your brew IQ, .

The Beer Bible by Jeff Alworth
Winner of the 2016 International Association of Culinary Professionals award, this impressive volume is divided by major categories of beer: ales, lagers, wheats and sours. The Beer Bible is a treasure trove of information written for beginners, and helpful even to the beer connoisseur.

The Beer Book by Tim Hampson
This book intersperses short, paragraph-length descriptions of different beers with profiles of breweries and descriptions of the brewing process. This international guide provides an excellent introduction to the world of beer.

National Geographic Atlas of Beer by Nancy Hoalst-Pullen and Mark Patterson
This illustrated beer guide features recommendations from Garrett Oliver, the brew master of Brooklyn Brewery. Generously illustrated with over 100 maps and 200 color photos, you'll find beer history, trends and tastings across six continents (plus how to order a beer in 14 languages). Travel tips include the best breweries, beer festivals and pubs in each location. 

The Beer Geek Handbook by Patrick Dawson
A lighthearted guide to beer appreciation, this book is a perfect match for an experienced beer drinker with a sophisticated palate and a quirky sense of humor.

The Complete Beer Course by Joshua Bernstein
Beer expert and journalist Joshua Bernstein offers a self-directed 12-session course on beer appreciation in this engaging volume.  The course covers both common varieties such as lagers and ales, as well as lesser-appreciated specialty brews.

We Make Beer by Sean Lewis
A magnificent salute to craft brewers who pursue their art for the love of beer-making, well above monetary gain. But fair warning: After perusing this volume, you may never drink a mass-produced beer again.