It's the Year of the Dog

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It's the Year of the Dog

Celebrate Chinese New Year with these reads for all ages

The Chinese New Year is a time for fresh beginnings, celebrations with friends and family and honoring ancestors. These books will give insight into how Chinese New Year is celebrated, and how centuries-old traditions came to be.

The Year of the Dog by Grace Lin
Since 2018 is the Year of the Dog, this Grace Lin novel is the perfect read for the occasion. Pacy is struggling to find her place in the world, and is frustrated that she can’t seem to find any talent within herself. But the Year of the Dog might prove to be a turning point. After all, as Pacy’s mom says, "The Year of the Dog is the year for friends and family. But ... The Year of the Dog is also for thinking. Since dogs are also honest and sincere, it’s a good year to find yourself.” 

The Dragon New Year: A Chinese Legend by David Bouchard
This Chinese legend illustrates how colorful fireworks and loud cymbals came to be traditions on Chinese New Year. Centuries ago, a ferocious dragon would descend upon a village every New Year bringing fear and destruction. But two brave villagers found a way to scare the dragon away and keep the village safe. 

Chinese New Year Crafts by Karen E. Bledsoe
This short book offers 10 children’s crafts to celebrate Chinese New Year including banners, candy holders, and lanterns. Each craft has a small introduction explaining the significance of the item and each project can be completed with readily available materials such as paper plates, ribbons and beads. 

Celebrate Chinese New Year by Carolyn Otto
This book takes the reader through the Chinese New Year, including the days leading up to New Year’s Day which include preparing foods, shopping for gifts, and decorating homes. The book also details the special events that take place on New Year’s Day – honoring ancestors, dancing, singing, and the Lantern Festival! 

Chinatown by William Low
Low’s picture book takes the reader through a day of life in Chinatown. The day begins with a walk down the street past an outdoors tai chi class, a visit to the Dai-Dai Restaurant and a trip to the outdoor market to purchase crabs. Low ends with his favorite holiday, Chinese New Year, as he enjoys the sights and sounds of the celebration with his family.

Moonbeams, Dumplings, and Dragon Boats by Nina Simonds
Simonds divides her book into four sections, each dedicated to different Chinese holidays and celebrations, including the Mid-Autumn Moon Festival, the Cold Foods Festival, the Dragon Boat Festival and, of course, Chinese New Year. In these sections, the reader can learn recipes, make crafts and read short Chinese folktales. 

Readers can also celebrate Chinese New Year with these picture books: Curious George Dragon Dance by Adah Nuchi, The Runaway Wok by Ying Chang Compestine, My First Chinese New Year by Karen Katz and Happy, Happy, Chinese New Year by Demi.