Women against Power and Women of Power

West End Library

Women against Power and Women of Power

The Ori Soltes Lecture Series, Spring 2018

The West End Library Friends present "Women against Power and Women of Power," a series of discussions led by Ori Z. Soltes, professorial lecturer in the department of theology at Georgetown University.

In any number of readings at our West End Neighborhood Library meetings over the years we have focused on heroic men, but how have women fared? How has the presentation of women heroines—by male and female authorschanged across Western literature and how does this reflect on changes and non-changes in Western culture and civilization?

In a new twist to the West End Neighborhood Library book series format, we will decide at our first meeting which two of the following three works and their heroines we wish to pursue to conclude the spring series.

(Please call the West End Neighborhood Library after Feb. 14, 2018, to confirm the May 16 and June 6 readings.)