Traveling Solo

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Traveling Solo

Do you have a great vacation destination in mind but your family and friends can't come with you? Go on your own! You can decide what you want to see and take as much time as you like exploring. Your trip itinerary is yours to decide. Below are a selection of travel books to inspire your solo vacation.

Destinations of a Lifetime published by National Geographic
Climb mountains, see stunning views of lakes and waterfalls, explore the culture heritage of unique cities, and more! The book opens with a map of the world showing over 220 destinations in the book, a color coded theme of the location,\ and the page numbers to read more about it. Each of the featured places and cities is accompanied with full color photos shot by National Geographic staff and background information. Wherever you go, you'll have an incredible adventure.

Delicious Geography by Gary Fuller and T.M. Reddekopp
Tasting the local cuisine is a memorable part of your travel adventure. What made that particular food or dish a part of the culture? In this book, the authors explore a different ingredient or food and its history and how geography influences the cuisine. You'll also learn about how immigrants adapted their native foods to their new countries. Recipes and illustrations accompany the text.

Around the World in 500 Festivals by Steve Davey
Chances are during your travels that you'll see the celebration of a local festival. The author features a wide range of festivals around the world and what date(s) that a particular festival occurs. When possible, he shares his own experiences. Full color photos accompany the text. Whether it's one day or a few days, you're bound to enjoy a lively celebration.

Where the Locals Go published by National Geographic
You arrive at your dream city and want to experience the local life. Where do you go? In this book, find out where locals go to eat, shop, celebrate and more in cities and towns around the world. You'll also get tips of how to make the most of your experience. In a section about great cities, contributors share their favorite places in their respective hometowns.

Great City Maps edited by Jeremy Black
Historic maps of cities provide a fascinating look of how people lived and where important buildings and landmarks were located. In this book, discover the great cities around the world from earliest times to the present in maps and drawings. Each chapter covers a different theme from trade to imperial to megacities. This well-curated book of historic maps will provide you an appreciation of how locals and visitors viewed cities.

Bonus: How did people travel throughout history? Check out Journey: An Illustrated History of Travel published by the Smithsonian Institute.