Comments from Feb. 27, 2018 Community Meeting

Comments from Feb. 27, 2018 Community Meeting

Southwest Library Design

 Will the exterior pillars obscure the views out the window?
The pillars are necessary to hold up the roof and are designed to mimic trees in the park. The pillars also are spaced far enough apart to create the illusion of outdoor rooms along the exterior.

I really like the design. Do you have additional hurdles to jump through to get approvals or funding to move forward?
The project is fully funded, but we do need the approval of the Commission of Fine Arts and support from the community can be helpful in that regard.

What color schemes are you planning to use in the children’s room?
We plan to use some pops of color to brighten the room.

Is the wood color light like pine or darker?
The wood we are currently proposing is a honey color. It will darken slightly over time.

Is the ceiling going to be open?
Portions of the ceiling will be open to highlight the structure.

One of the most popular things in our children’s area right now are the foam blocks. Will there be an area where those can be stored in the new room?
There will be storage in the children’s room to accommodate things like that.

How tall are the shelves in the adult reading room? In the picture they look low enough that you have to bend over to get the books.
The heights vary, but many are 54”. We are still looking at shelving heights, particularly in the adult reading room. The goal is to balance sight lines with sufficient collection capacity. 

What is the floor material in the reading room?
It will be carpet.

I would love to see more warmth and color. Also, be sure to analyze where the sun comes in to highlight the color.
We will use color to complement the spaces.

Is there a way to divide off the maker space portion of the meeting room to allow people to use the maker equipment while a meeting is still going on in the space?
There are additional meeting spaces in the library, but we are exploring whether it is possible to separate the space.

Will the outside lighting be bright? With the rear fence gone, security will be even more important.
We will be sure to address security concerns with the lighting.
Will the interior lights stay on all the time?
Many of the interior lights will be motion activated, but there will be emergency lighting that stays on all the time.

What type of lights will it be? Will it be Flourescent or LED?
The lights will be energy efficient LED.

Would there be a possibility to have a space for local artists to display their art for free?
There will certainly be spaces where rotating exhibits can be displayed.

Will there be any space for young people to meet and discuss and not worry about making noise and bothering others?
Yes. The meeting rooms will be available for groups to meet.

Is the building going to have a green rating?
Yes. We are aiming for LEED Certification Level 3.

Will you be putting off the decisions on what computers to purchase until closer to opening to be sure that they are the newest technology?
Yes. We definitely want to have the latest technology that best serves the community, so we will be exploring various approaches.

What is the target to open this building?
Our goal is to open the new building in early 2020.