Washingtoniana Web Archive

Washingtoniana Web Archive

In Special Collections

DC Public Library Special Collections is committed to the preservation of freely-available websites that document the cultural diversity, current events, politics and government and businesses of the District of Columbia. To that end, we have created the Washingtoniana Web Archive (WWA). To search the WWA, enter a term below and click "Search."



The WWA is comprised of dynamic snapshots of sites as they existed at a specific moment, or moments, in time, and should not be confused with current versions of the sites depicted. Due to limitations in web crawling technology, certain page elements may not display as originally intended. This is normal, and we are constantly working to improve capture quality.

The WWA was conceived as a community-driven project, and we need your help in building it. If you would like a website that represents your D.C. to be considered for inclusion, please fill out this form. If you would like your own site to be included, please fill out this form.

DC Public Library asserts no claim of ownership over the materials in the WWA, and will honor requests from rights holders to remove archived content. Please direct any such requests to our email.

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