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Equality Now

The struggle for equal rights

The struggle of American women to achieve equality with men has been long and hard. These important titles document the history of this noble cause. 

Divided We Stand by Marjorie Spruill
This book focuses on the struggle of feminists to ratify the Equal Rights Amendment, or ERA, and of the anti-feminists to defeat the same legislation. This comprehensive history by a professor of American history and women's studies is both authoritative and engaging.

Equal Means Equal by Jessica Neuwirth
In a series of short, accessible chapters, Neuwirth looks at several key areas of sex discrimination recognized by the Supreme Court. Equal Means Equal tells the story of the legal cases that inform the need for an ERA, along with contemporary cases in which women's rights are compromised without the protection of an ERA. Covering topics ranging from pay equity and pregnancy discrimination to violence against women, Equal Means Equal makes abundantly clear that an ERA will improve the lives of real women living in America.

Alice Paul and the Fight for Women's Rights by Deborah Kops
This biography examines the life and work of a trailblazing women's rights activist. Paul's long career spanned nearly the entire 20th century.

Gender Talk by Johnnetta Cole
This eye opening book examines the links between sexism and racism, exploring topics such as cultural assumptions in hip-hop, the highly publicized trials of football player O. J. Simpson and boxer Mike Tyson, and the battle over Clarence Thomas's appointment to the Supreme Court.

The 51% Minority by Lis Wiehl
In this volume, the author highlights injustices that many women face on a daily basis, including lower pay for equal work. The author provides suggestions on how to effectively deal with the most common manifestations of sexism that surface in women's daily lives.